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  1. NatWest didn’t mention anywhere that they sent a CCL letter to me as part of their reasons. Their decision on the three-year time rule is based on sending me the Packaged account notice of variation which they say was sufficient to make me aware of the inappropriateness of the account for me and the options to switch to a fee-free account. As it doesn’t mention anywhere that this is a final decision do you think I should contact them first or go straight to the Ombudsman? Thanks
  2. Just been reading through the other threads on here. What is a CCL letter? Thanks.
  3. NatWest said it is outside the FCA three-year time rule as I was sent a Packaged Account Notice of Variation in 2013. NatWest say this should have made me aware I had cause for concern and should have made enquiries to investigate the features of the account further.
  4. Sorry, I didn’t understand. I am still paying the fees.
  5. Thank you. When NatWest quote the complaint falls outside the time limits for the bank to review complaints as set by the Financial Conduct Authority is this correct or is it being wrongly applied in this case? Would the Ombudsman consider the complaint or just say the same as NatWest that it falls outside the time limits for them to review? Thanks
  6. As NatWest have said they will not investigate is it worth going back to them again or do you think it should be sent straight to the Ombudsman? When I took out the packaged account it was as it was the only way of having a continued overdraft at the time. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. I will have a look through and find the threads. I read somewhere before it was from the time you became aware but NatWest’s letter said the information I received from them was more than three years ago and hence they couldn’t investigate my complaint.
  8. Good evening, Thanks for your reply. It was mid 1990’s. I only became aware about 3 months ago when reading online about how these packages have been mis-sold.
  9. Thank you for your response. I presumed it was time barred as they said they wouldn’t investigate.
  10. Good afternoon, I recently made a complaint to NatWest about Packaged Bank Account fees to try and reclaim them. Natwest replied that they were unable to investigate the complaint due to a Package Account Notice of Variation, a Packaged Account Information pack and Annual Statements of Eligibility they have sent to me. Just wondered if anybody else had success challenging this. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Thanks so much for all your advice. I’ll post any updates so anyone else dealing with Santander has more information to base their complaints on. I’ve had success with M&S (a Loan and a credit card), Halifax (Loans and Mortgage PPI) and NRAM (Loans)and they have all been far easier and faster to deal with than Santander.
  12. I don’t have the application form but will do a SAR now. I’ll wait until I’ve got this information back before challenging their decision. in the decision letter the following reference to the application form l was made: “We have on file a copy of a store card agreement you were asked to sign when opening the account. This has an optional, separate place to indicate the inclusion of PPI.”
  13. Thank you for your advice. I’ve drafted a response from advice received and reading the Ombudsman’s website. Please can you tell me what you think? I don’t think I was given enough information about the policy when I bought it. When completing the application in store there was no mention of how much the policy cost. No example of what this would mean in reality to me were provided. It was not explained that if I claimed on the policy the premium would still need to be paid and that I would have had to pay interest on it, thereby reducing the value of the cover provided. It was also not explained that even if I had cleared the balance in full each month that I’d still have had to pay the premium. There was also no explanation at all of what benefits I could have expected to get from the policy. I feel that the costs and benefits were not properly explained to me at the point when I bought the policy. I think that if I had been provided with this information that I would’ve decided the policy didn’t offer me value for money. The policy was very expensive and I had good sickness benefits from my employer and would have received statutory redundancy. I was I n a very stable profession. In 25 years in the teaching profession I have never seen a teacher I worked with be made redundant. Additionally, I had my own income protection cover in place that would have started as soon as my employer benefits had ceased and I was covered up until retirement at the age of 60 if I was unable to work due to accident or illness. I also had in-service death benefits of 3x my salary as well as my income protection that would have paid out over £100,000 if I died. I don’t think I would’ve thought the policy offered me good value for money if I’d understood the benefits I’d have received. I think if I had been given better information about what the policy cost and what the benefits were that I would’ve decided not to buy the policy.
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