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  1. Nice one if you go the high court enforcment route I can recommend Penham Excel they may not have got a result for me due to the admin error by me, but kept me informed all the way through the process. And made the whole thing really easy.
  2. Nice one mate so is it against the ltd company or the owner himself. Did they send any kind of defence to the court.
  3. If you go down the mcol route ensure you use crown motor direct ltd and none of the trading as names, if you paid any or all of the purchase price with finance or credit card contact them straight away and ask for a section 75 claim form you must have paid £100 o more on your credit card for this type of claim and they are them responsible for the full purchase amount not just the amount you paid on your card.
  4. Yes found him few weeks back he's also on the emc car sales page, Yes I'd advise you to email auto trader, they will need a time frame to look for the add dealers name and reg I got a reply after a few days.
  5. They won't turn up mate they will leave it to last mi ute and send defence via email make sure you take the original auto trader add that's what my judge looked at and was in shock.
  6. The Irish chap is Noel Quill, he was the one that sold me my, spoke with Nathan and to be fair he seemed OK tried to assist but when things got awkward he passed it on to noel there was a girl in the office can't remember her name. Then MA Autos who were the dodgy MOT centre as you drove into EMC sure his name was Mark.
  7. Mate how did you word your N244 and how much did you have to pay, how long did it take? not sure if mine will be different to yours as I allready have the judgement against EMC.
  8. Really this is an open forum where the people we are trying to get our money back from can read everything we share and stay one step ahead. so how would people avoiding posting on open media help no one bar me?
  9. OK so emc car sales has stopped trading. can I recommend we stop posting on here due to the fact they have access to all the information we post and start private messaging instead.
  10. You all need to report them to dvla, auto trader and if you like bbc watchdog or rouge traders, also citizens advice who will pass it onto trading standards. I'm fairly sure my invoice states they are a member of the motor ombudsman aswell. I will check in abit.
  11. That's good so do you physically meet with them or is it all online have they taken over the claim for you? It might be worth me joining them just for the knowledge they allready have on the company
  12. How have they been for you I was considering joining them but wasn't sure what sort of cover they offered?
  13. Funny story, so I've discovered that I have legal cover on my house insurance so I'm now getting legal advice they are going through my case file and evidence and are going to look into the process to amend the judgement. Another tip check with car insurance house insurance and breakdown cover for legal protection AA breakdown cover offers legal assistance but not cover. Also please all submit complaints to dvsa and citizans advice.
  14. OK when you start your mcol claim ensure you claim against crown motor direct ltd trading as emc car sales it's on there website, will save you the hassle I've got now I got a ccj and a writ against EMC car sales.
  15. From what the court have told me the first request is a given after that they have to pay to request a stay and the interest has gone up by 8 quid since I logged on last week. Wow at least yours seems to be moving mine is at a stand still saying they have requested more time have they appealed your claim.
  16. O right mine just states EMC have requested more time to respond think its poor that they don't have to justify why they want an extension
  17. How do you k ow they have been issued this? I still haven't heard anything from the court or EMC since they requested the 14day extension. Although I have noticed my old car is no longer in there site.
  18. When making their offer did they inform you that small claims can take months and that they are not avaliable for a hearing untill December?
  19. Was your car not sold you with a fresh MOT? Form would be the money claim for small claims. They are quick at sending the claim on to emc I had a reply in hours. With an extension to the 14days and then one from EMC stating that I was operating outside of the cpr rules, not telling them of the I dependant report.
  20. I think if you declare it as evidence on your claim you have to if they request it.
  21. I can send you the reply you if you like, I sent the same letter and they tried to turn it back on me said the warranty was human error blah blah offered me 20 quid for the error then stated what do you expect from a car of that age and mileage. Wait on their response if you haven't already got one and then proceed to court action if they don't offer the full refund. I wouldn't wait around to long I don't trust these lot. Have you noticed there are part of a 3 way company, cobham motor group and crown motor Company.
  22. Thank you My report was done on the Friday and I received the report within 4 working days that was from ace engineering who were recommended by the AA. I submitted my claim before I received the report as I believed that I had allready gathered enough evidence to have a strong case. Decided to go with the compliance report as its a legal document and is totally independent they picked up a few extra faults that are potentially major such as contaminated coolant (suspect head gasket). It's a shame because I really like the car, however the dealings with emc and the faults on this one have really put me off I have spent the last 5 weeks looking for another car and it's harder now because you feel you can't trust anyone. I'll keep you posted if anything happens hope you manage to get your sorted soon. please make sure you contact citizens advice as they can pass your complaint onto trading standards, Small claims process is very straight forward and is cheaper to complete online 3k-5k is about £180, if they appeal and you go to a hearing then you have to pay a hearing fee but all this is recoverable with your claim you can also add interest to your claim they recommend 8%but if you can justify more then add that I should have gone for the higher as paid deposit on credit card so could have justified that rate.
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