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  1. I did pay for the return delivery costs and had no problem with that as there wasn't anything wrong with the items as such, I just then wasn't expecting to then pay a delivery charge for the item I kept which wasn't originally charged. I could have returned the other item but I did like it so have decided to keep it. I emailed them as soon as it happened and their response was this is our returns t&c's and basically tough. I'm not on social media so I don't really have that course of action to go through but I'll just not shop there again. If they're willing to lose a loyal customer over this then that is their business decision and I'll spend my money elsewhere.
  2. Thanks for responding. That is correct, that's good information to know for the future so thanks for that. I think what annoyed me most is that I've spent over £1000 with them over the years and they're willing to lose me as a customer over £3.01. However if they are entitled to charge that delivery cost then fair enough. Thanks again for the response.
  3. Hi, I bought 4 clothing items online through a comapny called Rollersnakes, the total came to £150 and I wasn't charged any delivery. I had to return 3 items due to 1 being too small and the other 2 not being as expected. There was nothing wrong with the other 2 they just didn't look how I thought they would. I paid for the return postage and the 3 items came to a total of £105 and was the refund amount I was expecting. However Rollersnakes have only given me a refund of £101.99. When I queried this I was told that they have added postage costs onto my original order as the only item I kept meant that the value was under £70 and so they were charging me delivery costs. Hopefully that all makes sense but if you do need any more information please let me know. What I'm just wondering is are they able to do this under UK law? Thanks
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