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  1. If I get them to say in writing that they attended my old address, is that not enough? I can remove this point I guess, I will speak to Citizens Advice, thanks for highlighting it. Yes, I accept that, and if that's the risk I decide to take, then it's on me. I will update on the developments.
  2. It's £100 and a chance to pay £30 or £408 and just roll over and die. I feel like I have to take this chance, not just for the money but for justice too. Warrant of control - bailiffs told me they visited my old address as per DVLA records. Should I get this in writing? I will take your advice on telling them I updated the driving licence, thank you.
  3. I am not currently as I am actively seeking work and on garden leave till the end of April. I was only made redundant last week. If I find employment asap, then we should be fine. I will go for the cheaper option, definitely.
  4. I called the council and they said the Bailiffs were informed of the rejection of the appeal on 19th March. So I'm expecting a letter from them requesting the payment any time now. I think I will go the N244 route with Citizens Advice support. I don't see any other way out currently.
  5. It was refused on 20th March. It says: ''If you wish to apply for a review of this decision, you should complete an Application Notice form N244. It should be filed within 14 days of the date of service of the Court Officer's Order (I presume that's this letter). For the review, the fee is £255 at the nearest County Court Hearing Centre or £100 by a District Judge. This may incur further costs, you should seek legal advice before proceeding'.
  6. Spoke to Jacobs and they refused to remove the £235 or to help in any other way. They said they were within their rights to charge me that, even though I didn't reside at the address.
  7. They say things come in 3s... About 4 weeks ago, right after receiving the NOE, someone drove into my car at the roundabout. The accident was such, that the car was a write off. So I don't have that car any longer. Thank you, I will call the bailiffs with the above advice. Thanks
  8. Are you then saying that N244 is not worth proceeding with? I don't seem to have any other choice - I cannot pay £408. I have no other ideas as to how to deal with this, I am trying everything I can think of.
  9. These are my new reasons, if you care to help/advise further: 1 - I did not receive the enforcement notice for the original contravention as it went to my previous address (address and moving date included) 2 - The warrant of control had my previous address and an enforcement agent took an enforcement step without the authority requesting the issue of a new warrant specifying the new address of the respondent under CPR 75.7(7). 3 - I was not given the NOE from the enforcement agent under the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 s.8(1) as this was sent to my previ
  10. Simply naivety and lack of information/understanding. Never dealt with anything like this before and the council provided no guidance or support. I have been told to submit N244 and try to get the fees wavered.
  11. The reasons on the appeal were: 1. I did not receive the fine as I'd moved house 2. I did not receive the subsequent letters for the same reason. 3. I am late because I have only just found out about this from the bailiffs. Again, I realise now that maybe I should have gone into a lot more detail, maybe that's why it was rejected.
  12. So that's the thing - they never came in person. The letter says the fine was £98, total £408. But it was the very first letter to me in this address - where did they go in person and can they just charge me for that? Don't they have to prove they did? I live in a large apartment building, they would really struggle to actually get to me.
  13. Yes, the NOE does have my current address on it. I understand I made a mistake but £408 is a high price to pay for a £30 fine. Thanks for your help.
  14. Yes, I moved and it was absolutely my fault for not updating DVLA. Naively, I updated my driving licence straight away and thought it was one and the same. After talking to people about this, I now realise it's not and was a huge mistake on my part.
  15. Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise me please. Last month, I received a Notice of enforcement from Jacobs. It was for a bus lane fine from Jan 2018. I had not been aware of the fine nor sent it in the post. I called the council straight away and was asked to fill out forms PE2 & PE3, get them witnessed and returned, which I did the next day. Yesterday I received a letter saying the appeal had been rejected. I am absolutely devastated, the original fine was £30, the bailiffs are asking for £408. I called the council and this has already been transferred back to bailiffs. I
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