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  1. Ok ladies & gents, I have received another PAP form to fill in from Erudio. Has anybody had more than one sent to them? My last one was approx September 2019 and filled it in disputing the debt. Requested a CCA to Erudio and PAP was sent back Drysden's. It took a while for them to send back all the documents including CCA's with one of them been unable to be read. Im going to sent the same again within the 30 day time period but what happens then. Can anybody advise?? Thank you
  2. when Erudio took over I started to pay them. The reason for this was they seemed to want to change the terms by having you sign the deferment form. from memory if you attempted to defer and sign the form, the terms and conditions mentioned recording details of a deferment with CRA’s and the questioning was more intrusive then with the SLC. As I didn’t know any better I started paying them what they wanted. I stopped paying them in June 2016 when I realised Erudio Student Loans no longer had a CCL which was checked on the FCA website at the time. The last time I deferred was with the SLC which was June 2013 and SLC sold up in November 2013.
  3. Evening people, Some time ago (7-8 months) I received a PAP letter from Drysdens regarding some mortgage style student loans. I followed the advice on this forum and sent the reply back using the forms disputing the debt. I also sent a CCA request to Erudio using the template. As mentioned above 7-8 months have passed with nothing but a letter acknowledging my comments in the PAP. Now I have received all the statements, CCA’s etc and are now asking for payment by Jan 2020. Since Erudio took over I have never deferred but have made payments in the past. No payments have been made for at least 2-3 years from myself. What’s my next steps and has anybody else had the same?
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