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  1. Thank you, it would be so easy just to cave in like everyone else and pay for 5 permits but it is the principle. When someone repeats something often enough as in ' we do not need your permission despite it being your land' you do start to doubt yourself and I think that has happened with my neighbour.
  2. Thanks, the land is definitely on our deeds and is definitely unadopted as I have a copy of the plan from LR as does my immediate neighbour. However, none of the neighbours wants to bother any further fighting the council as this has been going on for over 2 years with the council just going quiet and then not responding. Houses 18-32 aren't interested as although they voted in the consultation they are not affected in any way by the issue. Now that the council have just repainted the lines, the neighbours in the scheme seem resigned to it. I just dislike being walked a
  3. It is a novel idea but we did put cones on the curb ( the pavement is wide enough for 4 to walk abreast) so they were not causing any obstruction and the council took them away when they remarked the parking bays. That theft is awaiting their response. So I can't imagine they would hesitate to remove a fence that did obstruct what they deem as 'their' highway even though it unadopted on this side. We really don't want to be difficult, we just don't want to be in a scheme which is useless.
  4. It is not about money, we happily paid to flag our frontage and we would happily pay our share of the road resurfacing costs. 1. It is about the council not being even-handed (in that the majority of householders from numbers 18-32 originally opted out and were not forced into the scheme as the council accepted their rights to do so) and 2. The council not providing the service that the permits purport to entitle us to. Residents living in houses 1-16 are in the scheme and residents 18-32 are not, and never have been. However, residents 18-32 were included in the consultation and
  5. I hope so, but the council are adamant they do not need our permission, so we will have to take the legal route I think. I will search for the deeds tomorrow and hopefully, they will shed some light onto the issue. Thanks for your input.
  6. I don't know, I will have to search them out, I know we have them somewhere, but not exactly sure where they are! Does that apply to permit parking issues though? We have no objection to the passage of traffic or road markings or even people parking with consideration, but we simply do not want to be in the council scheme as it is not policed regularly enough for it to be worthwhile bothering to buy 5 permits, especially to park on our own land. I would rather give the money to charity.
  7. Thanks for your response. No, not shared ownership each householder owns the land from their garden wall to the centre of the road. The road is unadopted on this side only, on the odd side the road is adopted, but not the pavement! Unless that is what you mean by shared ownership? We all own our own bit? From the centre line to the other pavement (which is also unadopted) the road is not owned those householders.
  8. We no longer wish to be in a permit parking scheme which we agreed to approx 15 years ago. The land the bays were marked on is wholly owned by us and is part of an unadopted road. The bays needed remarking and we disputed that action because the permit zone is hardly ever policed and so parents from the local school park there without penalty. We gave the council notice that we wanted out of the scheme but they balloted neighbours (some of whom had never been in the scheme in the first place because they were allowed to opt out due to their frontages being private) and the school
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