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  1. Yes I know I will pay 1 month but I am not paying 2. It will give me time to move my things out and then wait for the crap to hit the Fan!! He has totally disregarded all my issues so as long as I know he cant legally pursue me for the other months rent he can go swivel. He can keep the deposit for the utilities which would probably be about right.
  2. Hi Slick132, The rent is £400 a month and the deposit I paid was £300. Not a lot of money really but we are a tiny business only going since middle of last year. Luckily is just me and my husband still being able to work safetly, I do the food prep and he delivers (Contactless) and a lot of people are relying on us especially at the moment. The problem we have is I am sure that if I dont pay anymore rent he will change the locks and I wont be able to get in which means we cant work and our customers wont get their deliveries which will have a huge impact on
  3. Yes I had a feeling that was the case. I have emailed the landlord and said I thought 1 month was fair but he has come back stroppy and said no you have to give 2 months. My rent is due this weekend and I planned to just give him payment upto the end of when I planned to vacate which isn’t a full month but now I am thinking that I will have too as he may get really stroppy and change the locks so I can’t get all my stuff out. He also has my deposit which I doubt I will see again. is there anything I can do when I vacate to come back at him? many
  4. O thanks Andy!, Ok my issue is this, I recently rented a small commercial premises for a food business. It is at the back of a retail shop which is owned by another business. There is a connecting door between the two which is just a wooden panel so I didnt realise at the time it was actually a door. When I went to view, the landlord said that the electricity was shared between the two units and the water which is metered was shared by the unit i was interested, the shop at the front, another shop attached at the side and the residential flat above. He also
  5. Dont know if this is the correct forum for this issue or if in fact there is one but I could use some advice. If there is anyone that could help with the legality of an Assured Short term Tenancy Agreement for a commercial premises that I have an issue with could you please let me know and I will explain Many thanks
  6. Ok, Letters sent off a few days ago. Would someone kindly confirm to me how long I have to submit a defence please? Many thanks
  7. I have just read up on the PAP and I am not sure I quite understand it but I am gathering that I should have received a Letter of Claim from Cabots with a form which I should have returned (I know dx100 said not to send their one but the one he posted). If this is the case, I can confirm I have never received such a letter.
  8. Ok dx100 and Andyorch, thank you. Will get onto it now and I will let you know about credit file and the other thing. Shazam!
  9. Hi Andy, Thank you for replying. Details below as requested. The claim is dated 11th March. POC 1.By an agreement between Newday Ltd RE Marbles & the defendant or or around sometime in 2016 ("the agreement") Newday Ltd RE Marbles agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card. 2.The defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the agreement was terminated. 3.The agreement was assigned to the claimant. The claimant therefore claims £340 2. costs. Have you receiv
  10. Good afternoon, I am hoping I might be able to get some advice regarding a claim form I have received. I have read a few threads here so I have a bit of an idea but not 100% I have received a claim form from Northampton issued by Cabot for a fairly recent Marbles Card Debt. I stupidly stopped making payments when I lost my job, burying my head in the sand and now I have to deal with this. I know I need to provide all the info but firstly, how long do I have to acknowledge the claim please? The claim is dated 11th March. M
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