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  1. Hi Haggis, My mother has been sent numerous threatening letters of which I have ignored. They phoned her and she told the truth and said I don't live there anymore. After the phonecall, they still have sent a couple of letters. They are welcome to send as many letters as they like. My mum will tear them up and bin them like the rest. Maybe they'll take the hint eventually? DD
  2. Thanks Ericsbrother. They phoned and sent a letter to my mothers address recently. She told them I don't live there anymore (the truth). The next letter she will return to sender. I hope they listen to her and don't start a harassment campaign to that address as she is elderly and could do without the stress.
  3. I will not communicate with them. I don't see the point really. I have blocked them and will ignore them. If they manage to find my address, I'll let you guys know and see what you think. Thanks so much for the help. DD
  4. Thanks for the reply! So you think I should contact these people then? Might it be better to just ignore rather than engage them? DD
  5. Thanks for the reassurance! I'm just worried that if they find out my address then I'll be subject to door visits, letters and harassment. I can deal with all that but my fiancé suffers from anxiety as it stands so I'm not sure how it would affect her if the debt collection agencies started their fear campaigns to our home. I should have thought twice before getting the loan. Stupid really, but here we are. DD
  6. My credit rating will be affected without electoral registration.
  7. Just a quick update. My bank actually holds my previous address (my mother's address - she would never give my details out) so am I safe in assuming that my current address will not be available to the credit score people either and therefore is unattainable to the debt collectors? I realise I won't be able to get a mortgage etc until the statute barred limit of 12 years (UAE) is reached, but I'm happy laying low and off the radar until then if necessary. DD
  8. Hi guys, thanks again for the response. It's so encouraging that there is help out there! I just called the electoral register people and they confirmed I am NOT on the register for my current or previous address (I didn't tell them either was my current, I claimed they were both previous - just incase). I will block the emails from IDRWW and hope they don't find this address through a credit file. If they send me a letter, I'll let you guys know. Thanks again. You're good folk. DD
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply Andy. Yes, I read that thread this morning. You've been an amazing help on there. My case is slightly different as the UK firm doesn't (yet) have a residential address to contact me through. Hence their attempt to have me send it. I believe Hornsey had been sent physical letters at the time of his initial post here. If they only have an email address, surely they cannot send official documents? Are you aware of whether these people as able to gain my address from banks etc? I've had a few tough years (I won't bore you with detail)
  10. Hi folks, I lived in Dubai in 2011/2012 and lost my job. I had an Emirates NBD credit card and loan. Usual story really, I couldn't pay them didn't want to face jail so came home. I've not been doing very well since and don't have any assets or money. I got a few chase emails from a UAE based debt collector. I (stupidly) replied to the first one asking for copies of the loan agreement. I wanted to check the Ts & Cs to see if they had a clause that allowed them to recover debt internationally, which the agreement says they can. I have since ignored their
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