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  1. They came back to me within the hour to say they will refund the cost of the faulty item. Sorted!
  2. Thank you, I thought that was the case! I have emailed Tesco back to say that it still formed part of the contract of sale, regardless of no additional money paid for the item. Will see what they say.
  3. Hope this is posted in the right place and someone can help. In July I purchased a Motorola video monitor online from Tesco direct, which came with a free Motorola dream machine. The dream machine has stopped working after only using it a couple of times. I have contacted both Motorola and Tesco with no success. Tesco direct no longer is in business so they don’t sell them anymore so can’t send another and have said as it was free, it has no monetary value. Motorola have said the warranty would be with Tesco so it is up to them. Any advice if
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