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  1. yes I thought being truthful by admitting everything might alleviate the punishment. After all what's done is done and all I hoped was to memorise this very hard lesson and have a refresh start not sure if my employer will give me a second chance and keep me at job
  2. yes they requested a copy of court summons and I admitted regular misuse. Now I really feel I will be punished for being honest..
  3. thanks dx I self reported to them so they suspended me and investigated. I admited using it to save money and they rised allegations of dishonesty and lack of integrity they said OOC cannot change the fact of my criminal offence. as we are in a client facing industry they seem to uphold a very high standard of internal code of ethics so I am really worried. my hearing of alleaged gross misconduct is next week and they say if allegations substantied could lead to summary dismissal.. really worried
  4. Thanks dx and all others who helped me on this case. After acknowledging the fact that I have self-reported to my employer and received a suspension letter (on ground of gross misconduct) pending internal investigation and the potential that I will have to leave the UK very shortly if I am dismissed without notice, a OOC decision has been made to settle my case. I hope I can still keep my job after the disciplinary hearing due next week.. Please do let me know if I can be further help.
  5. the problem is they never wrote back but issued court summons instead.. So I have no idea how to contact them directly and efficiently.
  6. thanks all for your great advices and helps so far. After self-report the event and telling all the truth to my employer, I am now on suspension pending the investigation. I was given the impression that dismissal without notice is very likely. If this happens, my right to live in the uk will be immediately revoked so I might not be able to stay until court date. Does anybody know TFL prosecutions team's direct contact number so I can discuss with them how to close the case if I have to leave the UK.. thanks in advance
  7. would anyone help advise on the above, please? Thank you all in advance!
  8. Thanks BazzaS for all above and your patience. Another quich Q: TFL currently charges my with Contract to byelaw 17 with suspected 90+ journeys also made by me. If I admit in the next letter to TFL or sign all the boxes to ask court take them into considerations. Would this action actually results in TFL "upgrade my chagre" i. e. chagre me with Railway Act 1889 instead? I much wanted to continue communicating with TFL and attend court in person, but I fear if I am asked if I do this knowingly - I will have to answer yes and which could lead to a more severe
  9. Thanks BazzaS Yeah those journeys were made by the rightful owner..but again it's tricky for the card owner to step out as he might face the risk of being charged for letting me use the card.. So if I sign all the boxes to admit all 90+ journeys were made by me - would it deemed as another lie if subsequently found out the opposite? would you advise in this case I just sign all of the journeys suspected and do not create another potential trouble? (that's what I plan to go for now)
  10. Hi dx, 90+ journey list is all journeys ever recorded on that card - and they claimed all of them were suspected made by me did you mean I should or shouldn't tell TFL that 10 of these were not made by me? Thanks
  11. Hi dx and all, I received the court summons charging me "Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws Made under paragraph 26 of Schedule 11 to the Great London Authority Act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962" A full list of 90+ journeys were suspected with signature required for each journey 1) I have 10+ journeys not made me and I have another oyster card travel history to prove this - should I include this as evidence or just admit all 90+ journeys, in case TFL made further investigations and incur furth
  12. thanks dx, yeah it's good to know the hopes and good to prepare for the worst. I will update here once something comes through. thanks again for all your help:)
  13. thanks dx I am a bit confused here.. "not a fine, its not been before the magistrate" as you said always attend the court in person and show remorse and I imagine (base on other cases) there will be financial punishment (unpaid fare, court fees admin and etc) - is this called a fine? Could this contrary to byelaw 17 spent immediately or after 12 months?
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