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  1. Hi guys, In 2018, I bought an used Renault Scenic I saw advertised in a Facebook group. I was impressed because it had very low mileage. To be safe, I purchased a RAC Passport (https://vehicle-history-check.rac.co.uk/) to be on the safe side. It happened very quickly as I purchase the car on the same day I saw it advertised. However, now that I was going to sell the car, I was warned that the car dashboard had been replaced (a common issue to this model apparently) and the mileage had been reset. I have contacted RAC to claim my money back, as it didn't show anything on the report but now they want a hell lot of information, like copies of my driving license, the address and phone number of the person I purchased the car from. All I want is the compensation and not much hassle. Has anyone experienced it before? What if I don't provide the information they want? I don't even remember the person's name or phone number. I roughly know were he was staying, but he was moving back to his home country. What is RAC responsibility on this? Can I refuse to give the previous owner information? Thanks.
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