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  1. Apologies in replying, I was up for 30 hours and had to catch up on sleep. And I don't have my laptop right now either. I already sent in the defence on Tuesday as that was the only day I could before the 24th. I did use the defence from CAG, I did try rewrite as best as I could removing a lot of the waffle, making the set points with the evidence. When I hear from the court next - I believe a questionnaire and direction of some sort- I will update you and see what the next steps are. Thanks a tonne!! For all of your advice! I wouldn't have been able to
  2. @ericsbrother It's just what i received not long ago from a legal motor protection company which offered to help me draft a defence as I am struggling to make a good one myself.
  3. @ericsbrother As well, I went to get some help with my defence from some legal help. They replied to all the information i sent them and this was there reply via email Having given the matter some thought, my view is that the actual court proceedings wording needs to be challenged as they have done a typically lousy and generic job of wording the particulars of claim. This approach has worked when I have attempted it in the past, with the court striking out the claim. I attach the draft defence document for you to peruse and if you are happy with the content
  4. @ericsbrother i Apologise, but I have just been re organising what i just sent earlier so the points that you pointed out are different now. If you would mind having another look please. Claim from: County Court Business Centre Claim No. XXXX Judgment Date: 02/01/2019 Claimant: UK Parking Control Ltd Defendant: XXXX Defence Below are the key points which constitute my defence regarding the alleged breaches of contract. 1. Supremacy of Contract - at the time of the claimant issuing the tickets, I was a tenant on the property (a
  5. @brassnecked yeah, I've seen some already, I'll print as much as I can at work tonight and include them. One thing that I'm unsure about, for the charge on10/01/15 where I actually appealed the charge, are they still required to send an NTK? I don't want this to trip me up
  6. Apologies, I'll change defense to defence @Mrs O'Frog ok, I will get rid of the witness statement heading and merge it all into one. They did send the NTK to the address on the V5. @brassnecked yes, I am going to throw in some cases as well, once I get an idea of whether what I've got as is it's acceptable
  7. Ok, this is what i have typed out so far. I just to refer to the evidences i have and put it in a good order. Just another point to clarify in my write-up, the address i was living in was different to my address on my driving license as it was only short term so i never changed it, so all the NTK's were sent to my Licence's address yet i never actually received the intent to claim at that address (it is my parents) i have mentioned this in my write up. please have a look and let me know what you guys think. Claim from: County Court Business Centre Claim No. XXXX Judgmen
  8. @dx100uk thanks! Took absolutely ages on my phone to edit them. Apparently I can do at least one thing right lol
  9. @Mrs O'Frog Unfortunately I did not. I ended up forgetting that point while trying to get everything together but i will see what i can do when I call DVLA tomorrow and see of there's anything to be done. I have just attached the images i took of the inside of the parking location. Please have a look and i am going to upload the edited documents they sent me in another comment. Images from inside parking location.pdf
  10. @ericsbrotherI have my laptop with me at work, ill get a quick hour or so I'll upload what I have done so far, I just need to add some points from what they've provided me now so pleased keep an eye out for that tonight as I need to get it right. I will also edit and upload everything they sent me, so I can get your view on how to add it into my defense. As for DVLA they are the ones who provide me with the information of who carried out a keeper details earch against me and when correct? If so, I'm hoping they can provide me the info.
  11. I have just found that I've received the postal copies of everything. Where they have taken pictures, there is not a single picture where the NTD and the permit not being visible is in the same image. They have taken a separate picture of the NTD and the permit for each, do they not have to show both in a single picture?
  12. @dx100uk they sent this via email attachments. They did state that they are sending it all via post as well and have also stated they do not rely on email rather post for documents. I have not replied or acknowledging receipt of their email and i am waiting on their post. @Mrs O'Frog ah right, well as far as the NTK's go, it was as follows : 26/12/14 - The NTK was dated 30/01/15 27/12/14 - The NTK was dated 11/02/15 29/12/14 - The NTK was dated 11/02/15 - This one is duplicated in their supporting evidence. 05/01/15 - No NTK has been provided in their evidence.
  13. Just a quick update. Ukpc have sent me the information they are relying on as evidence for their claim. They all of a sudden have every picture with a NTK on even though I only found the one! They also sent me the contract between them and the landowner. They also sent me a tonne of pictures, however on the actual PCN's which were issued via post, there was only a picture of the back on my car showing the number plate, and parking spot, not the front windscreen with any NTK attached. There's one thing bothering me, on the p
  14. @ericsbrother you need to appreciate people are liable to make mistakes. Yes, the email was a massive error on my part, but I have been doing nothing but try to get on top of this all and there's a lot to consider and take in. That's exactly why I've been posting every single thing I do, in case I'm either wrong, and I can be corrected or I do something wrong and need to correct it, as I've done with my error of using email. I am trying to learn the best I can with the time I have under my circumstances and I'll keep trying and I'll do my best to understand everything but at the s
  15. Right, Email to SCS Law telling them I do not want my email used to serve any paperwork AND the letter for request under CPR 31.14 are done! I will send the letter on the way home :)
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