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  1. Hornsey - this negative outcome is not what I was hoping to read when I was refreshing this page all afternoon. I am by no means a legal expert, but I think the situation as you’ve described it is unfair and I would have hoped that the judge could have seen through that - who as an individual can stand in the face of a financial institution and its resources. Having said that, I think now they put you in a position where your back is against the wall and you have to fight back. I will continue my research and if anything I come across I’ll share. My thoughts are with you.
  2. Good luck for Thursday SquaddyP - please update us on where you get to. Any feedback will helpful to many of us.
  3. Good luck Hornsey - wish you all the success today!
  4. Hi - Directly mostly via email correspondence, so can see their email addresses and they call me from their local numbers +971. They may have figured out all of that and put in a professional bank branded front, but that is unlike them.
  5. Thanks, that is a good point actually. In the same light, we dont manage to see lots of judgements from uae banks in gazette. Having said that, in some of the earlier threads, some users do say they got made bankrupt. It would be so much simpler if we have someone’s full journey until either case dropped (hopefully) or they are made to pay / bankrupt.
  6. Thanks dx100 - appreciate the feedback. Why do you think these banks dont get uae judgement in the first instance?
  7. Thanks, I agree, it sounds odd, but in the same context of results updates, we have not heard many who have told us of their positive outcomes. I wonder if there is a centralized register of judgements where we can see how successful uae banks / cwd / others have been. I know they’ve filed a case in uae courts to enforce on my property (which I know they can’t do due to a mess up on their part) but since then I have not heard back and the bank has re-engaged, with the usual threats that if you dont pay we’ll sue you. The devil is in the detail i think. If they have filed a lawsuit to enforce and take over property that would not prevent them from suing for default under mortgage agreement. Appreciate the thoughts.
  8. Sorry i think the key point here is the common law regime, which i read it as if it is judged under common law, then its recognised / enforced. No intention to waste anyone’s time here. I am trying to seek help and be helpful to others.
  9. Cheers! I came across the attached, which to me means that if a bank got a uae judgement against you, it is recognised here in the uk and the uk courts can enforce. Am i missing something here? Appreciate your feedback. Enforcement of foreign judgments in England.pdf
  10. Cheers Hornsey - they do refer to the judgement in their favour. Is that clear in the appendix of the letter? It does not seem to be uploaded. Many thanks
  11. Hi Hornsey62 - I am not able to open the letter, could you possibly re-post or copy/paste? Thanks
  12. Hi there - I have been told by ADCB (a UAE based bank) that a UK legal firm (suspect it will be CWD) will be in contact with regards to a UAE mortgage that I have not been able to pay. Do you happen to know of a good solicitor that is well versed in these cases that could guide me through? cheers
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