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  1. Weird letter offering you a reduction of nothing!! No human being with a single brain cell could have read this before it was issued. interesting that they say it will have to go back to client’s legal team..
  2. On this forum there have a been a few recent cases from ADCB. Moriarty Law is the DCA chasing the other case
  3. Seems like ADCB are on a run to collect some cash to fill their pockets - must be their main business is struggling!
  4. Seems like ADCB are on a run to collect some cash to fill their pockets - must be their main business is struggling!
  5. Whats the wording if your jurisdiction clause in your agreements Rgaine? Is it non exclusive?
  6. Did the judge accept the interest accumulated on top of the principle outstanding or was that taken off? sorry to hear that
  7. Hornsey - would you kindly let me know about your experience? I recall the last thing you posted was that the uk judge accepted jurisdiction. Anything further than that? Thx
  8. Hi Hornsey - can you pls elaborate? I am not sure I understand your point. This debt is a mortgage debt (as opposed to personal loan) and jurisdiction clause does not have the non exclusive wording. It is also secured against an an apartment in abu dhabi. Not sure how can they bring the claim in front of a uk court.
  9. I have been served a letter of claim from a UK law firm pursuant to the provision of PAP for a mortgage i have in Abu Dhabi, UAE. they are requesting that I pay the whole mortgage in one go, which is impossible to make. i have been in discussions with the uae bank offering them to hand over the property and agree an amount to settle. They are refusing to take the mortgaged property and are asking for the full amount outstanding. The mortgage agreement governing law and jurisdiction is :” agreement shall be governed by the laws of the UAE and the civil courts
  10. Hornsey - this negative outcome is not what I was hoping to read when I was refreshing this page all afternoon. I am by no means a legal expert, but I think the situation as you’ve described it is unfair and I would have hoped that the judge could have seen through that - who as an individual can stand in the face of a financial institution and its resources. Having said that, I think now they put you in a position where your back is against the wall and you have to fight back. I will continue my research and if anything I come across I’ll share. M
  11. Good luck for Thursday SquaddyP - please update us on where you get to. Any feedback will helpful to many of us.
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