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  1. Hi All , This is just to flag up the shocking treatment I received in a restaurant lately and also the rude response from the Management there. Absolutely shocking. They seem to look down on women. Please see details of my Tripadvisor review below, their rude response back and also my email directly to the restaurant in response to their rude response. I am shocked and appalled at my treatment in this restaurant and their review back. I have never been treated like this is in a restaurant in my entire life. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you In advance. AMBRETTE RESTAURANT CANTERBURY MY REVIEW ON TRIP ADVISOR This is the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced, SHOCKING!! I booked a special early Mother’s Day treat for myself and my Mother to go to the theatre and eat here afterwards yesterday evening 16.03.19. Had a wonderful time shopping, then watching Warhorse at the Marlowe, which was outstanding and we were having a great day. We then walked to this restaurant for our meal. When we arrived, it was very quiet and soulless in there. The staff were still removing their coats, and generally looked annoyed to receive customers. We were directed to a table in the window, which was nice. My Mother sat down, then strangely the waiter then decided to start rearranging the blind straight behind her, invading her personal space, which was really bad manners. We were given menus, then ignored for probably about ten minutes and not offered a drink, even though there were only about three other occupied tables in there and the staff continually had their backs to us. In the end, I had to ask to the same waiter if we could order our drinks, I had to call him across the restaurant as he was at the bar with his back towards us. My Mother order a Gordons Gin & Tonic, and the same waiter moodily said ‘we don’t do that one’ without giving other options. It reminded me of the ‘Computer says No’ sketch from the programme Little Britain. We then ordered a different option. In the mean-time I asked a young waitress if we could order some food and she advised that someone will be there in a minute. Nobody came to take our food order. The drinks took another ten minutes to come and the same space invading waiter brought them over. When he arrived at our table, he accidentally tipped over her bottle of tonic water, spilling half on the floor, and then just proceeded to serve it to us without changing it or offering a replacement. It was like something off Fawlty Towers! I then asked if he could take our food order, he rudely said, that he was serving our drinks at the moment and had to clean up the drink he spilt then he would take our order. I said to my Mother that we have asked twice for our food order to be taken, and the waiter repeated what I said back to himself, sarcastically and taking the p*ss out of me. I could not believe what I was hearing!! With that I got up and told him that we would not be eating there and I would pay for the drinks, but we were not eating there, and I have never experienced such rude customer service. You get better service in McDonalds. I have eaten in many restaurants both mid-range and expensive fine dining establishments and I have never experienced service like that in my entire life. The space invading waiter clearly had a low opinion of women and I will not put up with treatment like that. It was like a scene from Fawlty Towers. We eventually found a better restaurant to eat it in Canterbury and had a wonderful meal with great service. I would just say to anyone thinking of eating here, avoid at all costs. The customer service is SHOCKING! I did not even finish my drink that I had ordered because I was so cross. Avoid Avoid Avoid!!! And to top it off, showing the terrible customer from the manager, this is the response I got back on Tripadvisor, basically trying to imply that I am a liar and hoping that other customers see through me as a reviewer!!! No apology. SHOCKING!!! ..."Dev biswal, Guest Relations Manager at The Ambrette Canterbury, responded to this review Responded yesterday You arrived at the restaurant at 17:20 but we open at 17:30. Even though we were still doing our last minute set up for the evening service we were kind enough to accommodated you. Our waiters pull the blinds down every day before service as part of the restaurant set up and they kindly did request for your permission before doing so next to your table. With regards to the drinks situation, as already mentioned, we were still setting up and not open to the public. This member of staff who served you has been commended numerous times on Trip Advisor for exemplary service and we do not believe that he was rude to you. As a policy, we must always repeat customer's orders to make sure that there was no mistake in the food order. Our staff do not have a low opinion of women and we have people from all genders and nationalities working in our restaurant. Our customers rate us quite highly for our food and service, therefore we are certain that most people would see through this review and reviewer very clearly and make their own judgement"... This last paragraph is priceless and basically calling me a liar!! I cannot respond to this for a month, due to the terms and conditions on Trip Advisor so I have sent a direct email to the restaurant as follows: Thank you for your rude response below to my Trip Advisor review. To be honest, I am not surprised by your response and I did not expect anything less from your establishment. Point one, there were customers in your restaurant already at 17.20 when we arrived. If you are not ready to accept customers 10 minutes before their table booking, then you should lock the door! Your comments, about you being "kind enough to accommodate us", ten minutes before our reservation are just damn right rude. Were you doing us a favour allowing us to enter your establishment then??? Point two, the waiter did not say excuse me, for space invading my Mother and I also refer back to point one, if you are not ready to accept customers, then don't open the door! Point three, the drinks situation, I go back to point one yet again. Also, you did not respond to the fact that the drink was spilt and no replacement offered. It was like something out of Fawlty Towers. Point four, you will not accept that the waiter was rude and actually mocked me sarcastically and do not apologise for this, all you can say is that he has had good reviews. Maybe you should check your CCTV or send some female mystery shoppers to review service. This is a poor response from you indeed. Especially considering that the couple sat at the table on the right of us also thought he was rude. He obviously has picked up his manners from yourself. Point five, you obviously did not read my review properly as I mentioned nothing about him repeating food orders??!! Shows how much care you take when reading customer feedback. As for your comment at the end ..."We are certain that most people would see through this review and reviewer very clearly and make their own judgement"... Are you trying to imply that I made the whole thing up, are you calling me a liar? This comment is unbelievable. I was just going to leave one bad review on Tripadvisor and leave it at that but now due to this response, I will at EVERY opportunity tell everyone who is thinking of visiting you about the terrible service at your restaurant and from your Management. Any websites online where I can tell people about my experience, I will. As soon as I can put a response on Trip Advisor to your super rude comments I will as well.
  2. dx100uk Thank you for the advice, I have phoned my bank this morning. Have a great day
  3. We had problems with this event at Dreamland in Margate on the 9th March 2019. I spent £45 on online tickets for this event and £6 on parking. £51 altogether. We were there about 3 minutes. We walked straight in to both the Minevention areas , nobody was checking wristbands, people were just walking in and out, who had not paid. I asked the man on the right of the door where to check in, he pointed to a group of boys sitting on benches, I went up to them with our tickets and they said we don't take your tickets, we are famous You Tubers, even though my Son did not have a clue who they were?? There was hardly anything in the room. J ust a few little things for little kids. We then went upstairs without being challenged for lack of wristbands and any computers up there were full with kids. We then finally found someone to show our tickets to and said we wanted a refund, and he quickly scanned our tickets and said he could not refund us as he had already scanned the tickets. He then gave us wrist bands and said that you can't get in the Minevention areas without a wristband, even though we had walked in both just before without being challenged. Shocking customer service, it was an absolute shambles, with no organisation and poor customer service. The lad on the right as you go in the entrance who scanned our ticket also said there was no space on the Fortnite bus, (which we could not even see), which my Son was looking forward to going on. We feel like we were absolutely RIPPED off. £51 for 3 minutes and a disappointed kid. Asked for a refund and they have refused. Got the fob off reply below: ...""I’m sorry you didn’t get to experience MineVention to its fullest, however, we ran all elements of the event as advertised, which was the Fortnite Bus, Tournament Zone, Build Battle Competitions, Freeplay area, 3 hours of Main stage content, YouTuber Meet & Greets and Arts & Crafts, so from that point of view we are totally satisfied we have fulfilled our promises for the event. All Dreamland staff members were fully briefed on the event and its organisation, so if there was any miscommunication I can only apologise. Dreamland security were tasked with checking wristbands and did so at every occasion our staff checked in on them, so once again, if they didn’t check you when you went into the various rooms, that's disappointing and we will discuss with them on our post-event evaluation. The Fortnite Bus took over an hour to fill its 200 slots for each session and the regular tannoy announcements in the concourse kept guests up to date. With regards to your request for a refund, as we ran all advertised aspects of the event throughout the session, as per our terms and conditions of sale, we do not offer refunds on tickets purchased. Please note that we do take all feedback on board and will discuss for events going forward. Once again, thank you for getting in touch"..... ___________________ WHAT A JOKE!!! Their events are a total RIP OFF!!! I see that other people have complained about their previous events, see links below. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-34232338 https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/383571-minevention-peterborough-lots-of-complaints-anything-we-could-do/ I will be taking this further as I don’t appreciate being ripped off and my Son being disappointed!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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