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  1. Hi All , This is just to flag up the shocking treatment I received in a restaurant lately and also the rude response from the Management there. Absolutely shocking. They seem to look down on women. Please see details of my Tripadvisor review below, their rude response back and also my email directly to the restaurant in response to their rude response. I am shocked and appalled at my treatment in this restaurant and their review back. I have never been treated like this is in a restaurant in my entire life. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. dx100uk Thank you for the advice, I have phoned my bank this morning. Have a great day
  3. We had problems with this event at Dreamland in Margate on the 9th March 2019. I spent £45 on online tickets for this event and £6 on parking. £51 altogether. We were there about 3 minutes. We walked straight in to both the Minevention areas , nobody was checking wristbands, people were just walking in and out, who had not paid. I asked the man on the right of the door where to check in, he pointed to a group of boys sitting on benches, I went up to them with our tickets and they said we don't take your tickets, we are famous
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