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  1. Thank you for this good advice. I will write to them using recorded delivery. i will also write to ICO and FOS. I raised the issue with Experian and they have got back to me to say SMF have said the default notice is correct and has to remain on my file. I replied to Experian to say I have have no notice of any bill or money outstanding and despite requesting this nothing has been sent. Although, since joining this forum I now believe I owe nothing to this company. i will get letters sent immediately Kind Regards lynn
  2. When I inquired about handing the car back under section 5.2 They told me to put my request in writing which I did. They then called me and told me which Auction House to send the car too. They offered a £250 pick up service which I declined. Since then the only correspondence from them have been phone calls intially demanding my monthly car payment. These stopped immediately when I advised them the car had been handed back under T&C’s. i only have a few emails from them. The last one on 26/2/19 telling me the car had been sold at auction and I would be receiving correspondence from them soon and at that time they would sort my credit score.i have copies of the emails printed. By the 11/3/19 When I had still heard nothing and Experian alerted me to a DN being put on my file...That’s when I called and was met with verbal abuse from one of their agents Mark. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I was calmly asking if I had a bill outstanding and when they would set my credit score. The thought of speaking to them again makes me quite nervous.
  3. Hi thanks for your reply. I checked section 5.2. Of my T&C’s. It looks like VT. I paid three years of the five never once missing a payment. I took the car to auction in December with an MOT from 31Oct. For being 10 years old I thought it was in reasonable condition. I was driving it to the point of handing back. Mileage high at 109,000 had theyvsayd it needed a new battery before selling at auction. My major issue is I’ve asked if I have an outstanding payment and could a bill be sent. Nothing has been sent. When I called i again stated I should not have missed payments or a DN on my credit report as no bill has been sent for me to have the opportunity pay? Due to work commitments I’ve not managed to go to Citizens Advice (CAB). I have Put it in my diary for next week. Do I have rights? Any advice on my next step. Thank you
  4. Apologies I can’t see how to post on the Car Finance Forum: Specialist Motor Finance I am looking for advice: I took our Finance with Specialist Motor Finance (SMF) in October 2015. I have paid every month without any breaks in payment. In November 2018 I decided to trade my car in for a newer model following an email offering a new deal. I was shocked at how much Finance I still have left to pay on a car I had paid for nearly three years. On the advice of a car sales garage I exercise my rights under my HP agreement to hand the car back. I contacted SMF and followed their instructions by putting this in writing. On 7 Dec 2018 I took my car to the local auction house on the direction of SMF. I cancelled my direct debit which was 25 of every month. I was told by SMF that if they needed to fix the car in any way they would send me a final bill. Mid January I began receiving phone calls and emails from the collection team. I advised the car was handed to auction. They couldn’t locate the car then finally they advised it was at the auction house. Which of course I knew. I said I was unhappy it had been left for over a month in winter. By February I emailed and lettered SMF with proof I did not own the car etc as I’d heard nothing from them but had been alerted that my Experian and Equifax account was showing missed payments for SMF. I was told in an email that the car had been sold and I’d receive corespondance and my credit rating would be fixed then. I waited two weeks and nothing. I was then alerted to a DN being added to my credit account for next month. I called SMF on (11/03/19) and was met by what only could be described as a barrage of abuse and aggression from Mark who refused to give me his second name. I was completely unprepared for this response and advised all I want is correspondence advising if I owe money so that I can pay and for my credit rating is fixed Mark in an aggressive tone said I’d delivered the car in poor condition and it needed a new battery? I didn’t get a chance to speak as he was exceptionally aggressive in his tone and put the phone down on me. I called Equifax and asked this to be noted as a dispute. I have also have a meeting with CAB too. Can you advise what to do next. I feel completely intimidated at the thought of contacting SMF again. I just want to pay any bill they may say I have and sever all ties from this horrendous company. (I have receipts and statements and emails I can show) thank you in advance for any advice
  5. Hi Everyone I am having some issues with a car Finance company and came across this forum. Before even posting the issue I have I’ve already benifited from some of the excellent advice on here. Keep Up the Good Work
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