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  1. I have been making regular token payments off two debts that have been sold to Capquest. One was a loan one was a credit card both before 2007, they are adding more interest each month than my payment so I dread to think what the total is now. I want to sort these out but so scared to make any contact with them and I really don't want my now credit file to be affected or to go to court. I have doing some research and think that I need to apply for a subject access request - do I do this with the original creditor or Capquest? I'm assuming that this will provide me with all the information that is held about me, so I'm assuming that I will be able to find out if this debt is enforceable? I was going to send a CCA request as well but really anxious as to whats going to come through my letterbox. I haven't had any correspondence from them in relation to these debts since 2012 and no phonecalls but I can still remember how stressful it was at the time. Are there different letters for loans and credit cards for the SAR and CCA and what is the likelihood of there being any paperwork for debts this old. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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