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  1. Thanks for the quick response. Yes, sadly I realise what I have done now by paying them, still learning from this site. They have advised that they hope to reply by the end of April, they would be well out of time anyway. I will update as I get responses. Thank you.
  2. I posted the CCA requests by recorded delivery, they were received on 22nd March, I have one letter confirming this regarding the loan but no response from the credit card. They returned both postal orders in a separate envelope stating that there is no fee for this service, so I know that both letters were received. Am I correct in thinking that, as I know that the letters were received on 22nd March that 12 working days is counted from that date, meaning that I should receive a response on Monday? Should I send a letter advising that these al
  3. Thank you, that makes me feel happier. I will update you in due course, hopefully with positive news.
  4. Thank you for your quick response. I have just typed up the CCA requests, so might make the post tonight. Just worried about what happens next and they come up with some sort of agreement, as I am assuming that as the debts were sold they have the paperwork.
  5. But I need to submit bank statements and the regular payments were showing. Hence my need to take action which I admit I should have done years ago when the outcome wouldn't have mattered as much.
  6. No, my credit file is clear and has been since 2015.
  7. Hi All Thanks for your replies. The debts were with Liverpool Victoria and I received a letter from them and Capquest stating that these debts have been assigned. I cancelled my direct debit this month but then got scared and made an online payment for my usual payment amount. I have today received a letter regarding the credit card debt that as my debt plan has failed, despite the fact that they had the regular payment but obviously have not checked and just saw that I had cancelled the direct debit they have placed my account on hold for 30 days to enable me to compl
  8. I have been making regular token payments off two debts that have been sold to Capquest. One was a loan one was a credit card both before 2007, they are adding more interest each month than my payment so I dread to think what the total is now. I want to sort these out but so scared to make any contact with them and I really don't want my now credit file to be affected or to go to court. I have doing some research and think that I need to apply for a subject access request - do I do this with the original creditor or Capquest?
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