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  1. Hi i need some advice currently self employed delivery driver so no company benefits, i had car accident and doctor gave me sick note for 2 weeks, i haven't claimed any sick pay benefits but will be claiming loss of earnings for 2 weeks from the insurance. Do i need to inform Tax credits for my 2 weeks sick?
  2. just received letter from hospital, the surgery is on the 8th april, same day as i fly.
  3. the flight is next month and we have no travel insurance at present. Do you recommend i contact the airline?
  4. Hi I was wondering if someone can help, i searched for a flight via skyscanner and i decided to buy tickets for Turkish Airlines via budgetair.co.uk, this was over a month ago, nowhere did it state when i was purchasing the tickets were they non refundable. On the 7th March we had some bad news that my wife had serious condition and will require surgery, doctors are saying flying is not safe as it can rupture your stomach veins, i contacted budgetair to let them know of our problem, they replied your ticket is non refundable we can give you back the taxes and even then with our admin fees you will get nothing back. I am absolutely shocked spent over £2000 on the ticket, no compassion, nothing. We do not fly much and never knew "non refundable ticket exists", our tickets did not mention non refundable and nor did it at the time of buying the tickets, this is mis selling surely. This was totally out of our control. Is there anything we can do, i have phoned them and its 10p a minute to ring and already spent over £10 and they are not budging. i have emailed them and requested there complaint procedure but no response. The flight is on 8th april and they have plenty of time to resell the tickets but they have no compassion whatsover. any advice appreciated.
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