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  1. Is there a way me and Anidog1 can keep communicating through this site once without the "hijacking" of a thread? Thanks
  2. Hi, ive never physically gone back to the showroom (so sooooooo tempted to though) as I think this would harm court action and to be absolutely honest, the anger, frustration, problems and stress I have gone through over this issue I really don't think I could control myself, plus I live about 3.5-4 hours away by public transport. I would however love to picket outside especially on their busiest day, Saturday, deterring people from the business. I have a question though. I have never received the V5 so I don't even know if I am technically the owner of the vehicle!! As the car bro
  3. Funny you mention this about the quality of the vehicle i.e. having numerous faults and making up a vehicle on the cheap as I was having this conversation with someone earlier. I believe they may be sourcing vehicles with good looking bodies but shot to pieces underneath, then buying some cheap parts to get them running before selling them off as something they are not at a massive profit
  4. Wow, just looked through those reports and the way I see it is that this example is more than just selling a car not as good as advertised, but his is actually dangerous to the vehicle user. I'm pretty sure this is totally illegal through Criminal Law! I guess his is something you may be able to look into through your firm! I had only used my car for about 60 miles before it died and that was with breaks in-between too and not 1 continuous journey, yet the car was diagnosed by the garage as having catastrophic engine failure - seized engine (also diagnosed by AA when they attended)
  5. I too suspect the "complaints" team is based at the showroom address and I believe is actually the same people at the showroom using a different email address. The 2 guys I spoke to there were Adam and Alan (neither of which looked like their name), and companies house has the owner listed as a Hussain Ali (I think). There was another guy I see there but I didnt get his name. The complaints team or litigation team as I was told, told me that if I wanted a refund I would have to prove the fault was there at time of purchase, and provide a report proving it was there at time of purchase whi
  6. Hi King12345, I hope you are right, but im not sure if it covers all my other losses due to this issue such as travel costs, loss of insurance and tax due to cancelation etc.. As long as I get the full amount back for the car including deposit I can get another vehicle and chase the remaining £300 of costs through small claims court. I just need my money back so I can buy a car! Im meant to be going on a driving holiday for a long weekend with my family in a few weeks so time is ticking!!! Anidog1, looks like your doing better than I did already, as a complaints handler has gi
  7. From my experience with them it doesn't seem to matter what evidence you have, they wont take any responsibility. If you want your money you will have to take them to court. Im sorry if that's not want you want to hear but its true. I have eb=verything in my favour, absolutely everything!! The law, the evidence, the reports of professionals, trading standards, procedural rule, everything! Yet they refuse to give me a refund, and when I asked them why? they wont even respond with an answer. Absolute **** bags. I made sure everything in writing, no phone calls. Every call that was made pri
  8. I’ve asked if they are a member of any scheme and met silence. Does anyone know if they continue to withhold my refund if this would be considered as theft? Also they keep going on to me about paying their garage bill and getting the car towed back to them before they agree to refund me. They told me and the garage that the warranty would cover the works that they authorised, but I requested a copy of the warranty 3 times before rejecting the vehicle, and they have never produced it. I’m wondering if they have lied to me and the garage if this would be considered as f
  9. no, I was at work but I cut him off quick as soon as he started trying to go through "details" with me, I just said that I will not discuss this verbally, and he will need to put it in writing to me. At that point he told me he was leaving it with the legal team, and I said in terminating the call then hung up.
  10. Yes I sent them this on 2nd March with a deadline of 16th March. ironically just got a call from the showroom saying that they will give me a refund (not the deposit of £300 or additional costs), if I arrange with the garage to get the car back to them (approximately £700-£800 bill). I told them that they employed the garage not me, so they must pay the bill (the garage have sent them a letter to this effect too). He was suggesting on the phone that I had employed the garage and I reminded him that I did not authorise any of the work, they did, and that this was their bill (the garage is
  11. I have called the CC company who have confirmed receipt of my paperwork and evidence. They have told me this usually takes 4 weeks but can take up to 8 weeks for an answer. I guess I'm expecting them to reject it, so will take them to court too if I have to (fed up with being fobbed off by responsible persons so gloves are off now). I have spoken to Citizens advice who have advised me to go ahead with the small claim as well as the s75 so I have the forms which I have completed I just need to get my statement typed up, then I will be submitting the claim. I do know someone in the leg
  12. I have sent the cc the s75 claim form a few days back, but worried as I thought it was 100% guaranteed protection if within the criteria.
  13. The main bulk i mentioned was the £300 deposit and £3794 remaining balance. I have also asked them for the additional costs I incurred due to this which totals about £150 (insurance cancellation cost, transportation, etc...) - I dont really care about this but the way they are being I want every penny back! The receipts I have from them the are card receipts from the POS machine which show Hartley Wintney Motors ltd, but the "self made" A4 receipt they printed out shows Hartley Wintney Motors UK. I didnt realise the CC could refuse the s75, I thought this was financial
  14. Ive sent the documentation for s75 too, but this can take a while (and be declined?!?) so I'm chasing this method as well, just in case. Plus there are additional costs I have incurred directly due to this so even if/when I get my main bulk owed back through s75, I will still need to go to small claims to claim the additional costs which have been included with my correspondence to them.
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