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  1. I would guess climibing over a 6ft gate is a no-no according to section 59 59. Enforcement agents must only use a door or usual means of entry to enter premises.
  2. Thanks again for all the interesting input, I personally would say climbing over a 6ft fence with permenantly locked gates is not a "usual means of entry" but who says they all follow the rules. Only time the back door to the property is left open is when grandkids are playing in the garden.
  3. Thankyou that is all I wanted to know and I am sure would be interested to know if the are going through something like this at the moment
  4. Hi thanks again for the reply not an issue with me but if they happened to just climb over the fence, walk into the house and my mother was alone it would cause her a great deal of distress she is elderly and under the care of mental health professionals. Like you said chances of it happening to me are non-exisitent but others could be in a similar situation.
  5. I admit I was worried before, not now but I still am interested in the original question as I cannot find an answer anywhere?
  6. Thanks for the link searched for the relevant section did not show up. I have searched around several sites and it does say they cannot unless gate is open or they are allowed to force entry which I know would not happen in my case but places normally only mention doors to the property not gates leading to the property entrance can be confusing
  7. Again thanks for the replies, just out of interest about my original question and I am sure other would find this information useful. Can bailiffs climb over a locked gate/fence to gain entry to a property?
  8. Ok thanks I know I am being over cautious just so out of touch with the UK and worry about my mother's wellbeing I am sure other may also find this question interesting but thankyou a lot for your replies much appreciated
  9. Thanks for the reply I do understand the chance of it happening is close to impossible but the chance is still there and I dont want them climbing over a locked gate and causing my mother distress no matter how small the chance is.
  10. Thanks for the reply I know there is a very small chance of an enforcement agency reapplying to the courts to enforce any ccj (if there is any in the first place) but as I say my mother does suffer from mental health issues and I do not want her to be distressed so would like to make sure nothing bad happens. Just want to know on the very small chance they turn up at the house can they climb over a locked gate? The front door is permanently locked due to my mother's illness but the back door is left open when. The grandchildren are at the home but gate to enter the back garden are
  11. I have read that bailiffs must gain "peaceful entry" through an unlocked door . I was just wondering can they climb over locked garden gates (6ft high) at the side/back of a property to gain entry through an unlocked back door? Reason I ask is I will be staying at my mothers house for a while and unsure if I have had a CCJ issued as I have been living overseas for 13 years. I know it will have been removed from my credit file and they would have to reapply to the courts to enforce the CCJ but I also have no way of checking and do not want any surprise visits
  12. Thankyou for the replies, So I just leave it and see if anyone contacts me when I register back as a UK resident? Problem is I will be staying with family initially and I don't want county court bailiffs coming to the home and causing them distress but seems I don't have an option.
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