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  1. After months of haggling with npower trying to set up direct debits, failing and making manual payments, in February 2015 they swapped me over to a prepayment meter. As the meter was around £20 in credit when i moved out, I didn't think of notifying npower of my change of address. The default is showing on my Experian credit file as September 2017.
  2. Thanks. Sorry to ask stupid questions, but does my recent correspondence on the bills not rule out the debts becoming statute barred in February? Also, as their evidence of the debt is a bill dated 30 August 2016 for the period ending Feb 2015 is that not an example of back billing itself?
  3. Further update; have received the attached reply which is a more specific response to the letter I sent. It was accompanied by a final bill from Npower dated 30 August 2016 for the period 23 Nov 14 to 16 Feb 2015. Do I need to do anything at this stage? Thanks Lowell Letter.pdf
  4. Thanks for initial advice. Have had a reply from Lowell to my current address saying Payment Due and details of my account. Do I just ignore this?
  5. Thanks. There seems to be two strategies on different threads. One is to send SAR, the other is to write letter referring to back billing rules? Is the latter the preferred strategy?
  6. Not directly, but their letter was sent to my current address.
  7. Apologies if this is too similar to the other similar topics posted recently. I too have received a letter from Lowells, accompanied by a letter from Npower chasing a dual fuel debt which they say relates to August 2013 to Feb 2015 at an old address. I had major problems with Npower at that time, not sending a bill and then them failing to set up agreed direct debits on 4 occasions. At the time they then moved me across to a Prepaid meter, against my wishes. I moved out of the property in October 2015 with credit remaining on the meter. In my credit report they lodged a default which is showing as settled September 2017 for a completely different amount. I complained to Npower at the time and had no response to my emails. Do I need to respond to this letter from Lowells and can I do anything about the default date being so much more recent than the account closure date? Thanks
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