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  1. Its for depression dr says i can carry on with my daily life.
  2. Ok. Thanks for your time and advise. All the best to you.
  3. Also as my business not been doing well i have literally just started a business Facebook page and agreed with a local bathroom store to start sending me enquiries....... then this happens. Typical!!
  4. My wife works in Birmingham and has to leave early each day. I do the school run as no one else to help. We also have a baby that i take and fetch from child minder, if i have any work on. (Currently none). Otherwise i look after baby. We live in a village so school is not walking distance and no school bus and the same case for child minder. And as and when i get a job i travel to all different locations. So its not like i can get a lift to a permanent place of work either! Never had any points and ive been driving since 2001. Just a bad day. I already take medication for depression and have
  5. Its a new juction 1 month or so added so came up on me by surprise
  6. I was reaching out for my mistake not lecturing. Its my fault. But its not habit i drive a van monday to friday. And use 1 or 2 for a couple of hours at weekends. Its the wifes car mainly. Im 35 not 18. Just a few seconds to save time not racing!
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. I few seconds of pushing my luck and it could ruin my life! Ill look in to it. Thank you.
  8. I was asking for advice not a remember fmy mistake . I used pwer to ger in front for seconds. I have no points. 70mph limit and i pushed it to make my entrance and exit quicker . Thats not as bad as people speeding on a 30/40mph single carriageway for no reason surely?
  9. I have no points. Genuinely a sensible driver. I was hoping this and the fact i need license would be taken in to account. Also im selling the car so it won't happen again!
  10. Hi i was entering a dual CARRIAGEWAY and seen a row of traffic travelling along the carriageway was. So to get in front to pull on and not have to disrupt traffic flow, i put my foot down to enter CARRIAGEWAY first. As soon as i entered CARRIAGEWAY i went under a bridge. On the bridge was a speed camera van and it clocked me at 102mph. I have a rs4 so it gets up to speed quickly. As soon as i was on CARRIAGEWAY and under bridge i slowed back down. (I dont drive at that speed and to be honest was unaware i was at that speed) i didn
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