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  1. I've sent a few emails to the courts toady, and have drafted an official letter to them. The main subject of the letter is within the attached PDF. EMC.pdf
  2. Thanks Gick, I may just do that. I've also sent the court 4 PDF files from the defendants, all showing various signatures. When I called the court to tell them that I possessed these, they were VERY interested to receive these ASAP. The court clerk had never heard of this happening before.
  3. A pretty interesting and, quite frankly, unbelievable update on this case. I called my local court today for an update, as I'd heard nothing for 5 weeks or so. This is a copy of the mail that I just sent to the local court upon their request, as they'd like to move swiftly with my case. They have been brilliant and very helpful today.. "Dear Sir / Madam, Re: Case Reference ** ** vs. EMC Car Sales After contacting your court today for an update regarding the above case, it was brought to my attention that the case status was “Discontinued by the Claimant”. I’d like to advise that I, as the claimant, have NOT applied for this case to be discontinued. Indeed, the process for this would be to fill in a form, of which I did not know existed until today. I request that this discontinuation request is removed so that the claim can continue. Further investigation today by the very friendly and helpful team at has revealed that a discontinuation form had been filled in in my name and registered on 13/05/19, and that it had been signed with a signature not matching my own. It is hoped that the above clarifies my position regarding this case. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the first instance if any more information is required"
  4. They're defending the claim, but no application for extension as yet. Their comments on the form are rather amusing, claiming little chance of success by me, and requesting the action is thrown out of court. I'm still waiting on their comments regarding the fact the car was not sold as described though. Nevertheless, my case is strong. I'm confident, if not slightly impatient. Can't believe you've heard nothing yet Fred !
  5. All, I've been requested to fill in the N180 form. The section that says "Are you asking for the court's permission to use the written evidence of an expert?" Should I click yes to this ? I've no intention of calling up an expert to court, but I do have written evidence of one to hand. Thanks
  6. I think you can fight their "Request of Stay" I believe its called. Or "utter timewasting" as it should be known as.
  7. 27th: Filed my claim 28th: Bar sent to EMC 28th: EMC filed defence 29th: DQ sent to EMC I've heard nothing since. I've not received a DQ yet, so just sitting tight. Their reaction to our cases would appear to be different..
  8. I guess it helps when you investigate.. I've had a read of the small claims process and understand how things will develop. I've also sent the engineers report from the specialist, which I've received today. £40 plus VAT, which I'll add to the final amount.
  9. A wee update and a question please, The defendant has been issued with a DQ form after mounting a defence. Is this something that I need to consider if I'm issued the same questionnaire?
  10. My head went to thinking of three FULL months MOT, as that is pretty much what it is. Many apologies. I've missed your question in all the excitement. The engineers report is part of the diagnostic service that I used on the car. It was only £20 for everything, so I guess I shouldn't expect a rushed response from the Engineers. Especially seeing as how the car will not be repaired there, which the engineers are well aware of.
  11. Yes it was sold with a full years MOT, as per their advert, it's only MOT'd until July. I therefore should have put "only 4 months MOT, but I put "only 3 months MOT". I guess you could see that as only "3 full months MOT". I'm likely overthinking it though..
  12. That's the form filled out, sent and paid. I've made a mistake on the form though. I stated the car has only 3 months MOT, when I should have written 4 months. I'm assuming that this is not a big issue ?
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