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  1. The owner himself. He sent a defence in, but it was a 1 page fairly poor effort full of half truths and lies. The judge was saying that the EMC paperwork does not really mention CMD, so better to go after the owner. He was very, very helpful and 100% behind me. Now to find this elusive owner. I have all of his details so the challenge is on.
  2. I won my case. Decided after an hour of court. Only myself and the judge were present. The money claim is against the owner of EMC, which the judge changed there and then. I'm imagining that this is going to cause me a whole new set of problems, seeing as how EMC are not trading anymore. So although the main battle is won, I still have this carry on to deal with. Let's see what happens over the next few weeks. if they had just accepted my right to reject, it would have saved me a ton money and time. They're are also having to pay much more to me than the purchase price of the car, so they're out of pocket too. EMC, over to you to do the right thing. This will not just go away, and I will get what's owed to me..
  3. I've only escalated my case to the CAB. To be honest, I've not had time to approach any other body with my complaint, such has been the complexity of the case so far. Add in the fact that I work in Helsinki most of the time, and when in Scotland, I have a 14 hour round trip to court, it means that the whole horrid episode has been altogether mentally draining. I really hope the 29th brings some closure, as I'm pretty much done with it all now.
  4. I think I'm the first on here to get as far as getting a court date claiming against CMD.
  5. That's why I changed the name on my claim to CROWN MOTOR DIRECT LTD. It cost me £100 to do. I've a few hundred to add to the final bill yet. Roll on end November..
  6. Everything was paid yesterday. The courts have all the forms and witness statements already.
  7. You're right. I used the incorrect wording, so apologies for the confusion. I've had no email correspondence from them since end of March. I did fill my own email address in on the N180. I can't remember if I added their own email address in though. The form is at home in Scotland, and I'm in Finland right now.
  8. The court have the Autotrader add already bud., but I'll be taking it to court as part of my defence package.
  9. I think Noel's surname is Quinn, not Quill. This was the chap that I had my transaction with. Looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks Mr Quinn..
  10. Good luck with it all. Do you have CROWN MOTOR DIRECT LTD as the defendant's name? You'll need to, as they're the Ltd company.
  11. A bit of an update for you all, I completed a N244 change request form and sent it to the court. This was necessary as: A. EMC are not a limited company B. EMC have stopped trading The court have accepted my request, so the case is now against the parent company. The court and CROWN MOTOR DIRECT LTD now have all the documentation that I will personally present in court on 29th November ( now that I will not be overseas on this date). My claim amount is now FAR more than the purchase price of the vehicle. I'm rather optimistic, and quite looking forward to the hearing in all honesty. The defendant's never opted for mediation, but I stand to gain much more now through the court anyway. Let's see what goes down in a few weeks. @ admins. Is it worth changing the thread title to highlight the defendants name change ?
  12. I reckon the invoice says something like "proud member of the motoring ombudsman", or some other waffle. New guys. You'd be better starting your own thread, as our cases would likely differ in parts. Looking forward to reading your posts.
  13. Pretty good Tbh. £30 joining fee then £8 per month. If they keep me right then it's money well spent.
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