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  1. Big fish. Little fish. I bought a product that was marked wrong, through misleading information from a massive company and wondered how I should the raise the issue with them that might be to both our advantages, ie. both helping them while maybe being rewarded/compensated. I'm entirely within my rights to do this and there's nothing unethical about it.
  2. Just asking for a bit of quick advice. I would think getting some money knocked off for buying a product that doesn't do what it says on the tin seems quite reasonable to me. I'm not bothered about only 4G but (asides from the reservations I have about the safety of 5G - and that's coming from someone who spent 5 years working in Microwave Engineering) I did see "5G Ready" on the page I bought it and though "Hmmm.. no harm in having a 5G enabled tablet". I thought this is what I was getting, and I only realised after contacting Apple to confirm the device was also 4G enabled that it wasn't actually 5G enabled. I'm sure a lot of folk who buy it there will think the same, and some might not be too happy to find out it isn't. If you look further into the specs there is another page listing all three iPad devices they sell and the information there is correct, but on the face of it (if someone didn't investigate fully) it would appear that they are selling this item as a 5G enabled tablet. I also don't really see why this thread was moved because it's entirely relevant to the sub-forum I posted it in, and it's a consumer issue. Whatever..
  3. Just ordered one online on a pretty mint 4 year interest free credit plan - but they have made a mistake and listed them as "5G Ready" on their website. I have just confirmed with Apple that only the new iPad Pro and Air models are 5G. The iPad is just 4G. That's fine with me though, who needs 5G anyway. The question is. Should I: - inform them now and maybe they will reward me for saving them from any future consumer complaints, or - wait until I've got it and then complain? If I tell them now they might just offer me a refund, which I don't want. But if I wait until I've got it then I've got more leverage for possibly scoring a wee complimentary discount "for the inconvenience"..
  4. Same Council Tax. I'm just thinking if I limit the scope they might respond quicker.
  5. The letter is asking her to confirm which Service she is requesting information from and provide a timescale. Should I say anything within the past 2 years, or just leave the request as it is?
  6. Yes I gedit now. But I'm not a lawyer, so unless someone explains this to me then I won't gedit, will I. I'm acting as a solicitor for my mum, so when I tell her to do something I have to explain to her why I'm telling her to do that. It would help me if she read the letters coming in while I'm not here, like the one asking her for ID..
  7. I'm just asking for clarification on your advice! Is there something wrong with that? You recommended I do something. I'm just asking WHY! I have asked three times already, and I know you guys are busy and are doing this for free but don't accuse me of "being obstructive" - whatever that means. I'm acting on behalf of my mum, so when I instruct her to do this or that it would help if I knew what the purpose of what I was asking her to do was. I'm not paying for a solicitor here. I'm asking for free advice on the internet. If you can't offer that without getting a bag on with me then I think I'll just take it from here and reply to Zurich and if it ends up with no pay out then so be it. I really can't be bothered with all these letters going back and forward anymore, especially when I'm not here most of the time to deal with it. Thank you for the help.
  8. I fail to see what it might throw up that's relevant to this. Should I wait for this to come through before responding to Zurich?
  9. Can someone please just explain to me why I'm getting my mum to request an SAR? What relevance does this have to her insurance claim? I'm following your advice but I don't know why.
  10. Just a quick consumer rights question here. I'm getting some serious stick on the forums on Steam right now for raising an issue about game refunds. (Man, gamer boy forums are the worst!) If you apply for a refund for a game you downloaded and it is accepted: - if you request the funds to be sent back to your bank it takes time, obviously - however, if you request that they simply apply the refund to your account it then still takes time to appear (can be up to a week, but usually no more than a day) This creates a problem if you want to use that money right away on another purchase - you will either have to wait or accept that the refund will be left on your credit thereafter and you will have to pay the full amount. The whole point of applying the refund to credit is that you can reuse it right away for something else, and this bypasses any wait for banks and keeps things simple! I see no logical reason for the delay in applying the credit since (in my case anyway) purchase are made using VISA Debit, which as I understand it is a form of insurance for traders that the payment for services will be honoured. If games can be downloaded instantly using this payment method, then why - when the purchase is converted into credit, which is effectively as good as a trade - does it then take time to clear? I'm being fobbed off with some nonsense about "they have to wait until the bank clears it" which in the context of the above makes no sense. My suggestion in the relevant forum has been shut down. I was subject to endless spamming and trolling and now any comment I make or thread is being removed, and I'm having to suffer insults and all sorts from left, right and centre. So I would like to query what my consumer rights are (something folk over there don't seem to be aware of) with regards to this so I can go back and rip some folk some new exit pipes.
  11. Thanks for the help and advice, but if someone could explain to me why I'm getting my mum to send in an SAR request it might help me work out what action to take next?
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