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  1. If I don't can they refuse to take it back and refund me? "I just popped out for 5 minutes and when I came back the delivery guy had left them in my safe space"
  2. Thanks. The alternative one was £50 more actually, so I'd be happy to accept no extra charge for the replacement to compensate me for all the hassle. I said that on the phone when I was trying to decide but they didn't want to go for it. If it has to go back and I have to pay an extra £50 then so be it, as long as I feel more happy with my purchase in the end is the main thing. Might be a blessing in disguise that the error was made. The previous computer was slick as hell when it was running, but after so many BSODs and all the rest you just have to say no thanks,
  3. AO Seems reasonable. If no CC details were taken for the extra then that probably means they haven't billed me for the extra computer? If they don't bill me and they don't notice am I committing an offense if I don't say anything? On the plus side, it's a good thing the mistake happened because I decided to go for the alternative to the first one (which is made by an older company with a long history of producing quality and feels a whole lot more solid). I need something I can rely on not to crash while I'm in the middle of working. I've got the
  4. I ordered a new computer last week online and it was faulty so had it replaced yesterday. This was also faulty so I had another replacement sent out today! While I was negotiation either a refund or a replacement they asked me if I wanted to order a different one, so I had a look around the website but couldn't decide in the time I had so I just went for another one the same. The delivery guy just turned up to take away the old one with a replacement AND the alternative one I was looking at! So I took both anyway, because I'm still actually in two minds as t
  5. It happened about 6 weeks ago. She's not been keeping diaries or anything like that, but she's got photo. Just wondering what to expect and how she should approach it is all. She's dealing with it. I just came on here to get any advice that might be able to help her case.
  6. Just looking for a bit of advice for my mum, who recently fell and injured herself due to a pot hole in the surface she was walking on. Sticthes in her knee, broken toe and nerve damage in her knee that has so far left her with numbness. Just wondering what the best way for her is to approach this? She filled in a complaint online and the council have forwarded her claim to the insurance company and she's just waiting to hear back. Will they come back making some kind of offer, and should she refuse the first offer kind of thing? What amout of compensation s
  7. So I sent a letter in by recorded post months ago, and I recieved a letter back saying they would write back with their decision within 28 days. That was months ago and I've heard nothing...
  8. Just recieved a call from the HA who have been in touch with the family and they have confirmed that they gave permission. So I will be putting in a challenge to this this week and I don't forsee any problems there.
  9. It's basically something that will hang over me for two years, and if I happen to charged again in that time it will count against me. As you say it will be viewed as an admission of guilt. My experience with the courts last time is they are not interested in facts or truth, only ticking boxes. And I swear to god if the people in this sodding town keep on testing me then the potential to get arrested again is a possibility. I should have moved at the start of the year when I had the chance, but too many uncertainties and then a full scale global crisis. I'm fairly sure the family w
  10. I'm amazed they have the time for this nonsense too, and why are they sending police round to my door over this during a pandemic. I didn't accept the warning so much really, but perhaps in the eye of the law I did. I thought I was going to be arrested and charged automatically if I didn't, so it felt like I was being coerced into not challenging it. They asked me to sign a digital hand held machine and I declined on grounds of social distancing and they copper said he would just put a dot there instead. They told me I had 28 days to challenge it, so I don't view this as an admissi
  11. Finally got through to someone in the housing association who is willing to help with the matter and they are trying to get a hold of the family. They previously said they didn't have their number. So just a matter of waiting. I'm sure this will work and I feel more positive about it now.
  12. Thanks Man In The Middle. That's ultimately what I was going on as well. I was thinking, if I can't get a hold of the family or get the housing association to contact the police and say they are happy with things, that I'd ask my neighbour to provide the police with a statement prior to a challenge. I'm just terrified of ending up back in court again, it's not a nice experience. And it will be a hassle and costly for me to get there, if the PF decide to prosecute. I suspect the police are just chancing their luck at me buckling and taking the warning, because basically
  13. Scotland. Should have mentioned that, sorry.
  14. Long story short. Old guy next door to me died. Family in clearing the house say help yourself to things from the garden that belonged to him. I take a few things including a set of stones he laid last year for my garden. Neighbour on the other side reports me to the police for theft. There is an investigation involving questionning me and the housing association (both houses were HA) and a few days ago the police turn up to my door and issue me with a warning, based on "substantial evidence"! I initially thought that if I rejected the warning I was going to automatically get arres
  15. Great thanks! I'm not sure I follow what you mean in the last paragraph but in any case it sounds like I can indeed claim UC. The finance teams didn't seem to know for sure. I'm awaiting a call back from them this week. As for accounts, I've keept a spreadsheet of all my sales and expenses, done my tax returns every year and all that and it all shows a net loss each year. There aren't many receipts and invoices but I have kept them all, and as for contracts I can print off verbal contracts from email. I don't know if I filled my tax returns in right, but the HMRC didn't contact me
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