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  1. The charge certificate has been issued by the Croydon council. stating I have only 14 days to pay and that the original pcn was 130 which has been increased to 195 because a charge certificate charge has been added too. I will ring TEC tomorrow morning and will update about the progress
  2. yes the car is registered to the correct address. In the past also I received few and were paid in time, nothing was received from Croydon council on this contravention ever and this is the first one in the form of the Charge Certificate. How can I appeal this that I never received any letter from them?
  3. Dear All I am new to this forum. I have today 7/3/19 received a Charge Certificate from Croydon council today without any PCNs or initial notice to the keeper. This is the first correspondence and I am being asked to pay 195GBP for a 33E Bus lane contravention committed on 20/1/2019. The only picture available to look at the Croydon council PCN site is of my car moving towards where the road sign shows the traffic opposite to take a Left turn. There is no more picture available on site. I need to know 1) Without any PCNs or Initial correspondence if a council sends Charge Certificate giving no rights to appeal, where can I appeal and how and who should I ask the original PCNs and whats the way forward. Looking forward for an early reply.
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