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  1. Hi All. Very sorry for the late update. But issues are all resolved now. Got the issue fixed at garage on March 16, turned out the EGR valve didn't need replacing, it was just the hose which had split, so total cost of repair was £25. On March 25 Dealer agreed to pay £70.95: £45.95 (diagnosis) + £25 repair. Dealer paid few days later. Car has been running well since then and I have not experienced any further issues. Many thanks to this community, I will recommend. And special thanks to @BankFodder for taking the time to look at my issue and provide advice.
  2. Yes. Lets see how the refund of the £323 repair costs goes, so far they are acting reasonably but I guess I shouldn't count my chickens before they've hatched. Me: 15:45 MSI: 16:07 Me: 17:23 I've been keeping a polite and civil tone, I don't want to give them any reason to draw this out. I will post an update once I have one.
  3. Thank you, I have responded to them as per you comment above. I just hope we can come to an amicable resolution so that I can put this whole saga behind me.
  4. Thanks all for your continued assistance. I have received the email below from msi trade centre: I am happy for them to do this, but I'm not sure the garage will accept this arrangement (I will ask them anyway). If the garage refuses, am I OK to make a counter offer and say I will pay the costs myself, but I will then send MSI trade centre the invoice and have them send me the payment that's due within 7 working days?
  5. How do I make it clear that I am not happy? Thank you, I have the car booked at an independent garage this Friday, we'll see what they say.
  6. Thank you. I will get car back on the road and then look at seeing for repair costs.
  7. Hi BankFodder, thanks again for all your help, but I have decided not to sue the dealer. Having looked at other peoples experiences, I can see that the court process takes a very long time, I was ready and willing to wait 2 months or so but it looks like this process can take up to 6 months. And even at the end of it all, a win is not guaranteed. I will pay the 323 to get the car repaired myself. Thanks again for your assistance. I will be making a small donation when I get paid at the end of the month.
  8. Sorry, I don't have a scanner at home, I'll scan the documents at work on Monday and upload a PDF. The other side of the page is blank. So not sure what the "relevant terms and conditions overleaf" refers too. I have just phoned the bank regarding a chargeback, and they say they'll send me some documents "within 14 days", I'll fill in the documents and send them back to the bank.
  9. Thank you so much for taking your time to help me. Sorry for the late response. I have attached the invoice here. along with the car diagnosis which was carried on on 4th March. I have sent out a letter and an email "08/03/2019Dear Sir or Madam, For the avoidance of doubt, my previous letter (dated 04/03/2019) is a letter before claim and at the expiry of 14 working days I shall be suing you in the county court if I do not have my refund. I will also be suing you for the additional losses which I have suffered. Yours faithfully,"
  10. Thank you so much for your response. The dealer is MSI Trade Centre, I didn't name them in case that was against the rules. I thought I had to said a warning letter first and then send a 'letter before claim'. I will create a new letter and get it sent out. Is email OK or does it have to be post?
  11. This is the letter I sent them. I have redacted my name and the traders name with ▪. letter contains grammar mistakes (And and) refund_claim_letter.pdf
  12. Hello, I need some help and guidance please. I am sorry this is a very long post but all help is greatly appreciated. 9th of February I purchased a 2008 Skoda Fabia Diesel, 77430 miles, for £2150. paid the full amount via visa debit card. 15th of February, electric front passenger window stopped working and was stuck in an open position. Took the car to a local garage and was told the window regulator was broken, I was quoted £170 for repairs. I rang the seller, they said I could either drop the car off with them for free repair or I could accept a paymen
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