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  1. Just a copy of the terms from abacus lettings. also It was mentioned an Sar. As I am not that legally minded I don't quite understand. All I am interested in is claiming both my partners money back and mine. They have done bugger all.
  2. Firstly they did not ask. So I said nothing to Leaders then when questioned later on I told them. That's when it all got nasty. Saying that I should have told them to start with. To me it was embarrassing. Not only that as stated in my previous post I complained about it and got no where. Company is a rip off.
  3. Good morning Unfortunately I am still unable to update the file. Will only let me upload 501kb. Have you any idea as to when this will be resolved. Many thanks Kate
  4. Hi Yes it is. Like I said I sent an email to complaints and got the same response back. Managers discretion. As they told me that I had lied about the situation they would not refund the money. I was actually quite embarrassed by the situation hence not saying anything to start with. The girl I dealt with was very rude and abrupt. The other agents was Abacus Lettings in Bognor Regis. My partner has the paperwork for them at home.
  5. HI Not to hand . But I am sure I can find them. We were told that they would not refund the money. The first company was Leaders. if that helps. I also feel that for the work they didn't carry out we should both be refunded. Thank you
  6. Hi Hopefully I have come through to the right place. In November I was evicted from the property I had lived in for 3 years. Due to many issues. I found a flat through an agent with a no deposit option. Paid £20 for the credit check which came back OK. Paid on the Monday £280 to secure the property. Unfortunately due to my Landlord refusing a reference I went back to the Agents and told them. I then received a very nasty call from them saying I had lied about being evicted. (I didn't tell them to start with as I was embarrassed ) They then told me that the money
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