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  1. Quick couple of questions, As previous posted am moving to Spain and as advised will contact all creditors with my new PO Box address (plus copy on contract as proof) and email for them to contact me, I understand that some banks and some card companies will not accept you have moved abroad and update you credit record, so do I contact the likes of Equifax, Experien before I leave to give them my details? Finally the house I live in is owned by my partner and is all in his name, i have NOTHING in my name at the property, cars etc. If one of the above is transferred to a Debt Recovery Agency can they come after him? Can they lodge a 'charge' or anything against the house.. .all the cards (4 in total and bank loan) were all taken out in my own name and when I completed the applications I was classed as 'Other' not home Owner.. then I was told I can be accused of obtaining the cards through fraud!!! I have lived in the house for over 10 years but its not mine. ..now very worried. ..any advice xx
  2. many thanks, Yes I am going to destroy them and then ask for the accounts to be closed.
  3. Hi all, I have two credit cards with Virgin that I have kept for emergencies only, I have run up huge debts on loans and other cards but kept these two clear, as I have since lost my job and my loans and other cards are now not going to get paid, whilst I understand my credit rating is going to get slashed etc etc, Will these cards get revoked back, will they still work should I ever use one? Just assumed that once your credit file has been severely damaged, other companies would then not want the risk...am I correct thinking this? Or would I be better just handing them back?
  4. Thankyou both for your replies. One last thing is there a template or particular wording I should use to address all creditors? Do I just write to them giving the cc number or bank account number saying, sorry I have no job, my circumstances have changed and have left the UK here’s my pobox address and email to contact me? Or something more? Do I mention that I have notified all credit agencies too, with regards to me being no longer in the UK? Thanks again for all your adviser
  5. Hi again, I appreciate there is not probably much they can do if I give them my Spanish POBOX number and email address as a point of contact. My concern is the bank loan £23k is a lot for one one not to do anything about... I may have £4500 I could possibly pay off before I leave is it worth me doing this? tia
  6. Thankyou, I do understand this but what I need to know is if I just give them an email address to use as correspondence is this enough? What can I give them to prove I’m out of the uk? I don’t want to give my parents address so if I don’t give this what s the worst could happen?
  7. I don’t want my parents knowing what I have done. Can I just contact them with an email address and say I am at no fixed address? So sorry I know that sounds awful but I cannot see how these people will just stop as I’m now abroad... £23k from a bank and they will or can just not do anything? As much as I have done wrong the whole thing worries me as I have two very young children and feel these people will not let it go
  8. Post what? Letter confirming I’m jobless and left the UK?
  9. I have 3 credit cards £10k, £3,700 and £13000, store card £1200 and bank loan £23k... will move to EU country never missed a payment, no ccj or defaults as been keeping up payments, now list job, no assets so not to sure what best to do in contacting them al advising my circumstances
  10. Hi all, so a little more help please. If I write to all my creditors explain my change of circumstance (no job) and moving out of UK never to return, can I give them a email address as a form of contact until I get a reg address? or do I give them the B & B address i am staying in abroad on a temp basis (the bed and board is free) as I do not want to give out my parents address as to where I will be going for good for obvious reasons. I am just wondering what else I can give them, unfortunately I have nothing to pay as no assets and will be living with parents initially. As I will be at no fixed address for a time would this be advisable to just give them an email address, the phone number they have will be disconnected any day now, just wondered what was the best course of action. What happens if they cannot locate you, ie no address and no phone? Do I enlclose a copy of a channel tunnel crossing to say I have left with my children and its a one way ticket??
  11. thanks for the reply, but if I have no assets, car, savings, live in Spain with no intention of returning to the UK contact them by recorded delivery explaining that due to change in circumstance of no longer working, unable to keep repayments up and have now left the UK...what in your opioin do you think will happen?
  12. I have a loan and have since lost my job, the loan was for £23k unsecured, although I am not a home owner (mortgage all in my partners name), I am now going to live with my parents abroad.. .what are they liable to do, I have no assets here in the UK, will not return to the UK, do I just send them a letter say my circumstances have now changed I have no job and are leaving the uk? Whilst I am not proud of the situation I have got myself in,,..do not want to waste anyone's time chasing me etc if I am not here
  13. My concern is what will the bank do in particular, the loan was unsecured and over £23k, would I be better off writing to them all explaining thatI have no job, my circumstances have changed and have since left the UK for good?
  14. Hi all, I have run up debt on 3 credit cards to £23k and have a bank loan for £22k, i have lost my job as the company cease trading do not have any assets, no house and thinking of leaving with kids and moving to Spain as my parents live there. I appreciate a lot of you will say I am running ignoring my debts but I have no way of paying back anything, without causing too many of you to start having a pop.. .what are my options, run and hope all goes away after 6 years as I have no intention of EVER returning to the UK, will someone eventually make me bankrupt? I am sure the bank are not going to be happy with £22k owed and wont let it go.... but if i have no fixed address in the UK. .,.what will happen.. .I know they can chase you abroad but with no benefits , living of my parents I cannot see any other options.. ..I am truly sorry for what I have done but cannot see a way out... should i write to all concerned and explain my situation and say I want to leave the country never to return or just go??
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