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  1. No after them being really unhelpful I cancelled my dd in November as I didn’t have the money to pay for it and didn’t want payments to bounce giving me bank fees to pay
  2. Good evening I have read through a number of threads where people are having problems with CRS!! so my history I signed up to my local roko due to it having a pool and steam room which helped my health condition. My kids then started full time school so I changed my contract to lower the amount I was paying so was only able to attend the club mon to Friday 9-5. i then fell pregnant and became really poorly in and out of hospital! After the gym harassing me I ended up having to go to my doctors to get a letter to say I wasn’t fit enough to attend a gym, where they then suspended my membership for 6 months. After my 6 months I informed them that I still wasn’t able to attend due to health and also my baby boy was poorly and needed an emergency operation in the next city from us, but they weren’t helpful at all and didn’t really care, I told them that I wanted to cancel this at the time was unfortunately in an email to the club manager. I then received an email from CRS I did reply as unfortunately I hadn’t read the information on here, and I did talk to them on the phone and explained the situation but they continue to send messages and call never receive letters! Do I carry on ignoring? Ive since sent another letter to roko explaining why I wish to cancel one my health, two they can’t offer me a membership I can actually use, and two I’m not earning enough to pay for it as my time is spent taking my baby to appointments and looking after my other 2 children. I also got that fed up with them and CRS that I did threaten if they carry on I will take them to court for breach in health and safety in their club. Last letter was over two weeks ago what do I do now? Tia
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