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  1. Hi all, Received a letter from Intrum today (unable to upload) advising me that the account is statute barred and they have closed the account. They also ask me to confirm if I still want copies of the original agreement and statements. I'd like to thank you all that gave me excellent advise. Really appreciated. Seems like they were trying it on.
  2. Is it now statute barred if it's not on my report?
  3. Hi, I have asked for a CCA and SAR. Checked my credit file and there isn't any default logged. Does this mean they have been lying?
  4. In the letter they last sent me it states to contact them within 17 days to discuss repayment (I won't) or I may be subject to further telephone calls, letters, SMS and emails. Doesn't threaten court. So am I right in thinking they could be fibbing about the default date?
  5. I'll send a request today. What am I looking for if I receive it?
  6. Hi, Thank you for your quick reply, I haven't requested a CCA. The loan was with Lloyds consolidating a credit card and overdraft.
  7. Hi all, Hope you can help, I stopped paying a bank loan back in Jan 2012 (stupidly) and have received several letters from Intrum. I sent them a statute barred letter and they replied stating that the account wasn't defaulted till march 28th '13 and I am still liable to pay. Just would like some advice please.
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