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  1. I sent an emai; to mark hodges but got an automated reply saying "I am not longer at Centrica, but I'll pass your email onto someone else." Anyway, I rang the Directors team and they checked it was a definitely a smart meter with the warrant team. When I phoned again on the day of the warrant they said it would not be a smart meter but they would switch it over in a few weeks. Then I got a call from the warrant officer who came across as a nice bloke and couldn't understand why an arrangement hadn't been agreed. He's phoning next Wednesday to take a payment by card. Not keen on this as the last time I did a manual payment with British Gas someone did a £60 shop at Morrisons against my knowledge. So I will use a card, that I will report as lost immediately after the payment has gone through.
  2. British Gas's customer service team is on 0333 202 9532. You can also write to Complaints Management Team, PO Box 226, Rotherham, S98 1PB. If this doesn't resolve the issue, you can escalate the complaint by contacting the Customer Services Director’s team on 0333 202 9774 or by email via customercomplaints@britishgas.co.uk. It used to be worthwhile sending a letter to the CEO marked "private and confidential", but this isn't as effective as it used to be now that so many people use it. However,the CEO of British Gas, Mark Hodges, can be contacted on mark.hodges@britishgas.co.uk. For more chief executive information visit: ceoemail.com
  3. Thanks dx100uk, apologies for delay, out since 6.30am and just back. Good idea to write to CEO, as the guy was incredibly condescending, lied and exaggerated the previous problems beyond belief. I record the calls on my phone and save them in an mp3 format so they can easily be attached to emails.
  4. i. I hope I am posting to the correct forum, but need some advice in dealing with British Gas. As the title suggests, British Gas have applied for a warrant and the hearing takes place on Thursday morning. I am slowly clawing myself out of debt, but owe British Gas in excess of over £3.5k. It was this balance twelve months ago and many arrangements have been broken. I have asked them to accept currently usage of £60 per month and £60 towards the arrears to clear the debt over 60 months, but the person I dealt with would not entertain it based on the payment history and followed with a string of anecdotes to back this up. I have explained that I suffer from arthritis as does my wife and the outside meter is very difficult for us to access to top up as it is very low. We were told the cost of moving the meter indoors would be over £1,000. He also said "if you want my advice" that we should wait for the warrant to be executed in two weeks and explain the situation to the engineer and that he would "probably" refuse to fit the meter. I would say a did take this with a giant pinch of salt and believed none of it. He also said if we agreed to go ahead, no court costs would be applied - I think this is rubbish. He also said we "may" be able to switch to a smart meter after the original one is fitted, but wasn't convinced by this either. We could live with a smart meter as this does not need to be manually topped up. Anyway, I would be grateful for any advice on how to tackle this. Thanks, Mike
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