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  1. Would the details to set aside be listed in the judgement? I cannot see it on the copy the Court emailed to me. Can you help with any guidance notes on how to fill the form out? There are a lot of fields that do not seem relevant to my matter or I am not sure on e.g. how long will the hearing last, what level of judge is needed (I'm assuming a magistrate?). Is the notice being served against the claimant? Really appreciate your help thus far.
  2. OK thank you. I have a copy of the claim form and the judgement but I cannot see the package ID to challenge online? Is there a time limit on how long the agent has to provide copies of correspondence to the incorrect address? It's been a week already and I have not received anything- I think they might be trying to delay in the hope I will pay for the whole amount as we move to the deadline. Thanks again
  3. Hi, Sorry if this has been posted before, the topics I found were old and I wasn't sure if the info was still relevant. I own a long leasehold property. I had a dispute with the management company in October because the service charges were excessive and included items that did not exist-e.g. gardening charges- I do not have a garden. The matter was settled in October after I instructed a solicitor to help me as they referred the matter to debt collectors (PropertyDebtCollection) were threatening to take the matter further and file a CCJ. All was resolved without a CCJ etc,
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