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  1. Should complaints not be put in writing please? Also what info do I need to give them? We havent actually got all of the things here requested from Capital One yet either. As the response was the ned of the matter am I not allowed this now?
  2. He wrote to Capital One as an official complaint. They replied giving him the SAR documents and saying they had passed the complaint on to the correct department. Today my hubby has received a response form Capital One upholding his complaint. They said that when they received the original letter they located the account correctly and arranged all the documents to be sent that were relevant to the request. However when the letter was sent to us the agent incorrectly addressed this to my brothers name so the mistake was that of human error. As a way
  3. should i have enclosed a C.T. bill please? The credit card was held at our address that we currently live at around 5 years ago
  4. im asuming thats Council Tax copy no we didnt as I read that we wouldnt need to if the credit card was took at the same address that we do now
  5. Ive just Googled what a crack copy is and to be honest im not very computer savvy. All that was done was we took a SAR templete adding the correct details. So our past addresses. The letter was signed by my partner with the words A.B. Smith for example under the signature Hes requested other SAR from other companies using the same template and weve had them through with no problems. I cannot understand how theyve linked my parner and Brother especially as hes never lived here and lives a good 35 miles away. But as I said my parner is A.B. and Brother A.B
  6. dx - would you kindly explain what on is please?
  7. Hi Honeybee There is no debt. This letter was sent to us in reply to a SAR that my partner not my Brother wrote. to see if we had PPI but needed to do a SAR request first. For some reason theyve addressed my partners letter to my Brother. As it was addressed to my Brother I passed the letter to him. Somehow Capital One have wriiten a letter meant for my partner but addressed it to my Brother at my home address. My Brother has never lived with us. I know it sounds unbelieveable but this is genuine
  8. I wonder if I could ask for some help please? Around a month ago I joined the boards asking for some help claiming back PPI I was advised to write to my old accounts issuing to them a SAR. Both myself and my husband did this. One of his past CC accounts was with Capital One they had a SAR sent them them. Myself and my husband have been together 22 years and during that time have shared 3 homes together so all our previous addresses were listed. Two days ago to my home address of 13 years a letter arrived in the name of my brother in his f
  9. Thanks so much Andy so there nothing I can do in realtion to EPF? Im also struggling with Providian address wise
  10. Thanks DX but I cannot see anthing? Do you mean in the search bar? Also how please do I find out who owns the companies now?
  11. Ive just been watching Good Morning with Martin Lewis on Tv. This made me go back through some bank statements from when I wasn't as savvy as I am today. Iv found a number of banks and loans that I had going back 14 years ago and some younger. Id like to contact these credit cards to see if myself and my boyfriend had PPI with them. Ive googled contact addresses but some CC seam to no longer be on the market. Now the good news is that ive kept account numbers for them all. However Martin Lewis stated that some banks will have been purchased my others and they have took on debts from them.
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