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  1. If your finding it difficult to meet your repayments, they will ask you for 3 months worth of bank statements and wage slips complete an expenditure form and provide a repayment proposal. After two days they will reject the proposal and ask you to contact them to discuss you account. They will never provide YOU with any advice or an agreeable repayment plan or support.They tried to evict me from my property two months ago, and their solicitor resorted to lying to justify the eviction, however the judge saw through it accepted the same proposal I had put to Engage and suspended the eviction.At least i had the last laugh.PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS CRAP COMPANY, THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN HELPING YOU, ENGAGE AND THEIR SOLICITOR WILL LIE TO JUSTIFY AN EVICTION. PLEASE FIND A SUITABLE AND CARING LENDER, THANKFULLY I HAVE NOW LEFT THEM.
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