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  1. Hello first apologies , did not know I could not name the company . I will apply for a SAR as they have told me that they will need a hundred and sixty two thousand and I have already paid fifty five thousand in seven years to finish of my loan . for a loan of 25000 without no proof of giving me a cheque , and PPI gone they want how muchhhhhhhh surely this cannot be right .
  2. Hi I found a great company waiting to get some funds but they deal with swift advances , they dealt with a friend mortgage and got great results they are called (removed - dx) do try them .
  3. Hi Honeybee The latest post is some years ago I was hoping there were further recent updates want to share some concerns . Regards Duchess
  4. Hi is there no recent post or other members website Regards Duchess
  5. where has this site gone been trying to find post on swift advances and cannot find anything can anyone help please ?
  6. write and refer it to the ombudsman, but before write to the company and make a formal complaint
  7. Good Morning . they were trying to get a refund on my mortgage , they did not want a fee.
  8. Thank you so much . a company applied for a SAR on my behalf and I note that details are missing . I asked for a settlement fee and came home to find they want £67k, for a loan of £25k, £4k for PPI they refunded but keep charging interest and the cheque . I have already paid them £38k in total they want £105k. how can this be . helpppppppp!!!!!!. PS I am happy to donate to this site do tell me how .
  9. Hello I obtained a loan from swift in 2008 , I asked to borrow £25k to repay a nother loan , did not realise about Swift when I eventually got the papers some years later they included £4k which they said they gave me in a cheque . I informed them I have never had a cheque from them , they refuse to tell me where the cheque was cashed according to their records . I claimed my PPI back from them they said they can continue to charge me for it as I was in arrears and they did not have to take off the PPI as I was in arrears . I have paid them over £40k and they are seeking a resettlement figure of £67k. can anyone help and advise please .
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