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  1. Good Morning . they were trying to get a refund on my mortgage , they did not want a fee.
  2. Thank you so much . a company applied for a SAR on my behalf and I note that details are missing . I asked for a settlement fee and came home to find they want 67000, for a loan of 25,000, 4000 for PPI they refunded but keep charging interest and the cheque . I have already paid them 38.000.00 in total they want 105,000.how can this be . helpppppppp!!!!!!. PS I am happy to donate to this site do tell me how .
  3. I hope that I am not using this site wrong , so new to it , this is not a report how can I get to the site with swift advances not good with technology sorry
  4. Have Inreported something I am so sorry, his is an error . My sincere apologies.
  5. Hello I obtained a loan from swift in 2008 , I asked to borrow £25k to repay a nother loan , did not realise about Swift when I eventually got the papers some years later they included £4k which they said they gave me in a cheque . I informed them I have never had a cheque from them , they refuse to tell me where the cheque was cashed according to their records . I claimed my PPI back from them they said they can continue to charge me for it as I was in arrears and they did not have to take off the PPI as I was in arrears . I have paid them over £40k and they are seeking a resettlement figure of £67k. can anyone help and advise please .
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