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  1. Hi dx Thank you for your opinion, I hope they do understand that I don’t have the intension to take any advantage, as I am few months away from graduating and getting my professional qualification, I cannot afford to get a criminal record by this silly mistake I have done:( Once again thank you for your opinion and i’ll keep updating for any news.
  2. Hi dx Thank you so much for your opinion. TBH It is my third year in the UK, and I have applied my student oyster card once I came here, but I seldom use it because I think using bank cards would be more convenient and i’ll only go out to town 3-4 times in a month, which is one bus journey or 15mins walk. So tbh I haven’t been using my student oyster other than my first year in the UK and i’ll always go for using apple pay as it doesn’t give me any discount compared to my 18+oyster and apple pay is much more convenient. The reason I purchased the monthly pass is because I have
  3. Hi HB I just got caught yesterday so i haven’t got any letter yet, the investigator just took my bf’s student oyster and my personal details.Hhe didn’t ask me any questions but just gave me two slips saying ‘Ticket issued without payment’ and i’ll receive a letter later asking me to explain the situation. Should I explain the situation honestly as I mentioned in #1? or will it put me in a disadvantage? I really didn’t mean to take any advantage from tfl to avoid fare, cuz I have paid the monthly pass and it’s the same amount to buy the pass in either my card or my
  4. I have a lot of things going on in my life that I am already seeing counsellor for my mental health and now I am stressing out even more. Anyone think that I will only be fined or being taken to the court? Any sort of help/advice will be appreciated. I really wish that I can go back in time now.
  5. I brought a monthly pass using my bf’s student card accidentally and then I discovered few days later. The reason I didn't realise at that time is that we have the same card holder and both with the ID photo facing down, and we both have the 18+ student oyster card so the charge for the monthly pass is the same as well. Then we decided to keep using it and make sure is only me (one person using the card), so we didn’t take any advantage of tfl. as we are new to the country we didn't know the consequences of using someone else’s oyster would be so serious (eg criminal record).
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