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  1. Yes as I was away and because my dad didn’t understand what the letters meant I had him give them to the friend to deal with. Otherwise they would have been left until I got back. Plus i had them given directly to the friend as he was the driver. I appreciate your help though hopefully someone on the other side has some suggestions. Thank you
  2. Hi Mate the first letter was the actual letter you receive when getting caught by a camera. The second was a final warning letter and the third was from a court asking for a plea. My dad whose old opened the letters while I was away and told me. I told him to give them to my friend as my dads not very fluent in English and would have problems filling out the forms himself. The rental car was on my name so the fine came addressed to me to my address. My friend was driving the vehicle at the time when he got caught for speeding. My dad gave him the letters everytime they came and he says he posted them off with his details. However they’ve not got there and I’ve received the points and fine two days ago.
  3. Hi Guys, I had a rental car taken out on my name along with a friend as a second driver. While he had the vehicle he got caught speeding by a camera. I was away for work and during my absence all the letters where given to him to fill out his details and return. I’ve returned home now and received two days a court letter advising me that I’ve been given 6points for a MS90 and a fine. I’ve spoken to my friend who said he did send the letters off. How can I go to resolve this and provide the correct details of the driver and have these points and fine removed from myself. Thanks.
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