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  1. Why is there some issues with my account. I can't seem to message people and its taking a long time to load and going slow. Also i want to say i am not going to be on hear for a long while. I need to sort myself out so until i do its goodbye
  2. I mean only Wednesday I was the happiest I have been because I went to a university open day on my own. I got some ok information but then back to reality I'm not there yet. What should I be proud of. My mum and stepdad have my stepsister and stepbrother to be proud of I am just a nuisance and am not needed in the planet. I serve no purpose
  3. I have tried all of that before it did not work. I'm still single, still don't have a job, still not at uni, still cant drive, still have spots, still am fat. I am still unloverable and still have a shit penis. You know what I have had it with this world. I am going to just end it all. I'm never going to be successful and jumping on the tracks will be so much easier because no one will miss me My stepbrother had won. I have lost. I don't care I am at university i am too far gone and cant be in this world
  4. I have told you why I am like the way I am. I have dyspraxia. I didn't want to do things. I had a father who never believed in me. Told me I could never achieve things. I have friends that tell me I'm stupid and tell me i am thick and will never be able to cope. I lost confidence. My grandfather had a stroke he has parkinsons. I had to look after him. I have had so many things wrong with me and have so many things wrong with me. I want to beat my stepbrother I want to be better then him. I want to be married have a car have a job and to have been to uni. I want to have a better penis and to lo
  5. Um I have dyspraxia but I don't have anything severe. I was bullied at school and have had people not believing in me which is why I have not achieved as much as other people my age or younger. I only started college in 2013 when I was 20. I am trying it's just difficult. I mean I have never had a job, I cant drive, I don't go to uni yet, I cant cook well, I have only just learnt to iron, I have never had a girlfriend and Iive with my family. My stepbrother is younger, drives, been to uni has a supermarket job and also is getting married. I want what he has
  6. And then there are questions if in the future I want to rent a place to live. Where will I get the references. I don't think KFC give references to landlords how how would l be able to get a place of my own with myself or someone I love
  7. Yeah but I don't really understand what it means if I'm honest. I still don't really know how it all works
  8. Not really I get a loan for the fees which everybody does but the maintenance loan depends on where you live and I am worried being 26 will affect how much I get
  9. I don't even know if I will get a interview yet. I have had a look at the benefits and you don't get much compared to other organisations which I think is not fair. With McDonalds you get free gym memberships and cinema tickets. Also I have £900 in my account how much will I need for uni when I start
  10. ok I really just want advice on a job. I was going to ask is there a way KFC might be able to give me more benefits like McDonalds does?
  11. Some people on hear can be so mean and do judgemental.
  12. No it is not about agreeing with everyone in life honeybee. Sangie has told me I don't have a university place. She is accusing me of telling lies and I want to know why she thinks that. I have spent years trying to grow my grades and no one can knock my achievements. I respect you honeybee i really do and out of respect for you and others on the site i won't be getting angry
  13. Yes. I would like to know why she thinks I am telling lies about going to university. And that she thinks she knows the university sector. I would like to know that honeybee13. I am very hurt that she thinks that. All I am asking for is advice about getting a job but I have some little nasty person thinking that Im not going to university because I have indicated that and I would like to know why she thinks that. I have worked really hard in trying to get to university and to be starting in September is an achievement but know i have some silly little poster who thinks its not true and i REALL
  14. I tell you what you are really a nasty little person. I have asked you why you think I am telling lies about university. You answer me because this is unfair. You think you know the university sector SO well. So you tell me.
  15. That is fine Honeybee but the fact is she has said its quite clear i don't have a university place in September and anybody will know that who knows the university sector, this is untrue, i have worked really hard to get to uni, much harder then most people and it makes me really upset that some people think i am telling lies about it
  16. This is for Sangie. You have told me that I don't have a place in September. I would really love to know why you think that is. I have given no indication that I have NOT got a place in September. I have said all the time on the places that i am on that I applied for university last year and i got my offers. That is how the university sector works and then i received my unconditional and conditional offers. So I am sorry for making this thread but I am NOT having someone call me a troll and say i am not going to university and other people a good people because i am a troll This is
  17. Um, That is not true, I DO have a place in September. I have know idea why you think i don't. I applied back in October. You are just trying to bait me and it won't work this time Sangie. I would REALLY love to know why you think I don't have a place in September if you think you know the university sector.
  18. Lol sangie you are very funny. For starters that KFC has been wanting people for over a year. On another it is a job is a job because its not what I want to do but it gives me extra money for uni and hopefully I would be allowed a store transfer like McDonalds would offer. So even though I would not go into the interview in that attitude at the end of the day it is only a job to get money for me and for the majority of people and I would be happy about that And another reason it's just a job is I need it to be flexible and I hope KFC will be ok with a 26 year old needing a flexibl
  19. Well I handed in my CV to KFC. wasn't that happy about it because McDonalds are still rejecting me and with McDonalds you get far better benefits then KFC like free cinema tickets and even gym membership but I suppose a job is a job
  20. just been to a uni open day and there is loads of help there getting a job as well and good support
  21. Thank you for the replies. Well I am handing in my CV to KFC on Thursday anyway so maybe they might offer me a job. A job is a job at the end of the day and it would do me good
  22. Why am I not allowed to post under my old account Samthefootball
  23. I am sorry for what i wrote please don't ban me
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