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  1. We have been customers for years with this company,& have never had a problem till now. Our washer/dryer broke on Thursday,tripping our fusebox. We had a visit from an engineer on Friday,who couldnt repair it on the premises. He told us we would be phoned later that day to arrange an uplift & replacement machine. We had to phone them on Saturday. We were told we would be called within 3 working days. We have never been phoned by them,& only can speak to them if we call them. To date we,ve been told we will be contacted within 7 working days,our machine has been removed! (Not true) ,that its not an essential piece of equipment. All of these statements being made by different advisors . What a joke. Meantime,im spending a fortune at launderettes trying to keep up with a family of 4 clothing needs,not to mention towels & bedding. We,ve been reasonable,saying we dont have to have a combination machine as long as we can do a wash.Ive sent an email to head office,but am not hopeful. Any advice?
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