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  1. thanks dx100uk for the redactions. I would still be doing that now. We live about 2 hours away from Windsor. What I am taking is that if this ends up in court I can argue that they shouldn't have issued the ticket as my gf was back less than 10 minutes after the expiry. I can also argue that they have no contract with us because they don't have signs (I can not verify this, nor can my gf remember). There is nothing on the ticket to suggest parking after the time would incur costs of £60 per minute after any grace period. It seems to me that should
  2. She arrived whilst the attendant was in the process of writing the ticket which was within the grace period and could have got in the car and left. However she discussed with the attendant what he was doing and what a ridiculous issuing it was and this meant the ticket was actually issued one minute after a ten minute grace period despite my gf having arrived back within the period.
  3. And here are all documents to date inc the demand letter sent from UCS after we were unable to reply. docs1.pdf
  4. Thanks everyone. in response to the sticky 1. Date of infringement: 27/08/2019 2. Appeal was made and rejected. Rejection letter is dated 13th September but was not actually received or seen by my girlfriend via email until 29th January. They have maintained they sent the email on the 13th however my girlfriend did not receive this in her email box. The rejection letter is attached below. Then because she didn't get it she couldn't appeal so had to appeal another way by writing to the IAS direct. They have asked for more information which my girlfriend has
  5. Thanks dx100uk. I thought I had redacted everything I needed to. So what you are saying is to do nothing and then wait to go to court if they ever take us to court?
  6. We are a bit stuck with what to do my girlfriend now wants to pay but I am not going to pay until we have some sort of justice in this instance. I am of the belief that I should be speaking with the debt collectors and telling them to refrain from all forms of contact. The appeal was never formally rejected despite the company saying they sent a response (never received). Here is also the initial correspondence between my girlfriend and the parking company noting they have placed the account on hold. It was only when my girlfriend chased aft
  7. last August 2019 my girlfriend went to Legoland with the kids 4 and her mum and then went to Pizza Express in Windsor. They parked at Castle Car Park. paid to park and went to eat. were then a few minutes late back. There was already an attendant issuing a ticket. The attendant then waited until my girlfriend was over ten minutes late to issue the ticket despite her being there well within any grace period. My girlfriend appealed to Ultimate Customer Solutions end of August but did not receive a response (they later said they emailed a rejecti
  8. do they let you know that it has been cancelled? Or do you just wait to see if they send you another invoice?
  9. I waited and I waited and have ignored the repeated requests for money inclusive of them sending me a goodwill gesture to reduce the 'fine' back to the original if I paid up within 14 days of the letter being sent. Whilst all this was going on I complained to the landowners, whilst preparing myself for my day in court and they too felt the charge was ridiculous so they requested it be cancelled and it apparently has been. Thanks for all help offered.
  10. POPLA deemed the contract to be valid though. Who are POPLA anyway?
  11. I have just been through the plans and there actually doesn't seem to be any reference to any time period from what I can see but I can't make out all the wording on the images. It seems they put in the camera and then retrospectively applied for the permission which was granted: Application Number: 15/02384/FUL Location: 4 Glyn Square Wolverton Milton Keynes MK12 5JQ Description: Installation of automatic number plate recognition cameras (retrospective) Decision Date: 2016-01-22 I think it is ridiculous to make me pay money for when the shops were closed
  12. Hi Brassnecked The sequence of events is correct. The term 'fine' is not actually used anywhere. That is simply me using the word. Thanks.
  13. I am hoping somebody can give me some advice on the following. I parked in a car park which states that there is 1.5 hours free parking for customers of the shops there. I parked for 1:45:16 on a Sunday morning at 8:15am. The shops all opened at 10am. I had intended to leave well before the 1.5 hours but unfortunately my key battery was not working (I had been aware of the need to change it but hadn't) and therefore had to wait for my partner to bring me a spare key. This took her over 30 minutes as we live 15 minutes away, she had to dress herself and the kids and f
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