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  1. Thats the problem-it was sealed and primed before each screed. My report from the screed manufacturer states that the screed was bonded well with a consistent colour, the sub floor was an incorrect mix that caused the pin holes, returned twice and done it twice but still not happy. It’s now the principle it’s not the money it’s his attitude toward us a small company, he did try the developer but didn’t get any joy with them...
  2. We laid a screed on a garage floor (house is two years old) the customer wanted to stop the dust when he walked on the garage floor, it was a dry floor, the garage is used to park a car in, and store garage stuff. We screed 2/3 per week and have both attended courses in this type of work and never in the past 9 years had any problems with this product. The screed had very fine small pin holes when it was dry, so we said we would do it again for FREE no charge but on the second screed the pin holes were still there. We did some research and asked the customer to contact the builder and ask for a report on the concrete base as we felt it wasn’t a good mix (much to dry). He wasn’t happy again after our second go so we did it again for FREE this time we filled in the holes with a wet concrete filler the laid another screed (3rd times now) but he still wasn’t happy as you could see the bubbles appearing when we were trying to fill them in, he was shown thus and could see the bubbles appear, so we offered to paint the floor to fit a carpet or vinyl all for FREE but he wanted a garage floor that was a mirror finish, we asked the developer some very basic questions that he was unable to answer, we had a report from the screed manufacture who said the screed was fine smooth and consistent in colour and the problem was with the sub floor. All along I had told him this is the problem but as he didn’t get any response for the builder he decided it was our fault. I told him that the floor needs to be tested and to get an independent report on the sub floor but he wasn’t happy to pay for this, he asked us again to do the floor for the 4th time we said we would but NOT for FREE this time as we have done it twice for FREE, We had a report issued and have spoken to 3 concrete companies who have all said that you are unable to check the consistency but need to get two cores removed and checked for the correct mix, now he would like his money back.
  3. I will try and keep it very short, Today I received via email a online civil money claim for work that my Limited company did last year it’s only for £200 but I will dispute this with the court as we have done nothing wrong - in fact we have gone beyond any other company to sort out the problem.. My question is the company who completed the work (my company) is limited with two directors but the court summons is in my personal name the business name says “Trading as” XYZ but it’s a Limited Company, our invoice states it’s a Limited Company and the two directors completed the work. Can I dispute this summons and ask the claimant to submit another summons with the correct name, and hopefully pay another fee, I want to go to court as I feel the judge would laugh it out of court. Thanks
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