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  1. No, I've already taken advice on that - the company I work for provide the company car, but its a benefit car and not a business need, and when travelling they always assume train/bus/plane and hotel, so I've no argument there. I'm okay with the ban, been accepting of it - just want to get on with it. Sounds like my ban will run sometime in April / Early May to mid Oct / early Nov... Thanks for info, at least I know whats going to happen....
  2. Hi folks - here's my question. In October 2018, I received a NIP for doing 59 in a 50 zone, and this went forward with a Fixed Penalty. However, the points for this would put me on 12 (I probably should have known, but it didn't actually occur to me to check). The HMCTS, in early January, returned my driving license and refunded my £100 fine, informing me that GMP would be in touch "forthwith" in order to proceed to court for the totting-up ban. I have yet to hear anything from GMP. My question: Is there a time limit between the offence and the court date, or between the HMCTS decision and the court date? In other words, do GMP have a time limit to prosecute me, or could this essentially be whenever they choose? I am accepting of the impending 6-month ban for my stupidity, and just want to "get it over with", however, if there is a time-limit and they run-down the clock, might I get away without a ban? Any advice appreciated.
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