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  1. Let us take each ofo your points in order you are indeed a strange character, that does seem to understand what a forum is about or somehow blames me for the issues you have or others have had.. Always a good thing to start with an insult, thus portraying the other side are in the wrong, or from the start… as for the forum? I didn’t break any rules, it has none. the jurisdiction decisions made are nothing to do with any poor advise, even if it was or wasn't anything to do with me here on CAG. BUT they were…. Advice was tendered that was both wrong in direction and incomplete as to potential outcomes of actions. THAT is irresponsible. yes the judges have said the cases can be heard, but what if the paperwork blows things out. Not under our laws. is that not ultimately saying the same think. Nothing to preside over ..move on. NO it isn’t. what ifs huh? Great legal argument that is? What if I thought you were an out of depth keyboard warrior with zero to no knowledge of the subject upon which you were tendering advice? What ifs are not helpful in LAW. The LAW is. like you im certainly not going to indicate in anyway my dealings with them or whom I might have private dealing with regarding them taking people to court. but if it wasn't for cag and my posts on cag ..I wouldn't have the numerous contacts that have approached me with behind the curtains information and would now not be knowing what I know. That’s makes sense. Or rather is doesn’t. I have a very good friend in Rome called Biggus Dickus didn’t you now? Same argument. I can only form an opinion on what you have posted as advice o information……………………….. Scant. I cant quite grasp why you came onto cag being so venomous and seemingly blaming me personally for the poor position everyone is in when there’s no real apparent reason, the jurisdiction issue was judge lottery and nothing to do with cag poor advise? or do you think otherwise? 1. NOT venomous, as I have repeatedly pointed out. You may find the challenges hard to swallow but they are simply that. Get your facts right if you are going to advise/sign post people down a route. For the avoidance of doubt, read the threads I refer too and you will see that facts… 2. People are in the positions they are in due to own actions. These are then compounded by the draconian UAE. I don’t blame YOU for that? I do blame you for your constant ridiculous baiting of CWD on here when it is not you who has to pay the price. You are also WRONG in many of your assertions (which has been pointed out to you before) 3. The Jurisdiction issue is indeed a judge lottery! Did you think to advise people of such? NO you and CAG did not… Now that’s not a criticism in itself but you will get my point. So YES I DO think otherwise………………………….. and if you look through previous threads (to which you have contributed) you will see why. again this is why my inbox keeps getting filled up with people posting.. why is versus blaming you for everything...? If that is what they are asking… and I doubt that you have had more than maybe 1 or 2 emails…. Then your duty is to answer them factually … fact being something you are often short on however Sayonara….
  2. FACT... i would not share those details with YOU ... By hat i mean SPECIFICALLY YOU. That is a shame because it means i am restricted in what I feel i can post here. But it is 100000% Justified given the fact that the majority of what you have spouted is proven to be garbage and, indeed, that you behave like a prepubescent keyboard warrior in your insults to the other side (that do not help) LOOK at what you just stated ' in a round about way' A JUDGE has just ordered that (rightly or wrongly) they are within Jurisdiction! what part of that are you failing to grasp? A round abut way? Round about way? This is peoples LIVES and LIVELIHOODS you are toying... (yes toying) with. I will (for the benefit of the tape) say again that my dealings are at a protracted stage ... they are moving toward a further hearing at court.. (yes further) ... they are extremely volatile given the attitude of our friends and........................................... I WILL WIN. Not if a spunk it all here however. WHICH DOES NOT AND SHOULD NOT DENY ME THE OPPONTUNITY TO CONTRIBUTE What do you want? The Case number? I am actually beginning to wonder here who IS the CWD Plant? DX? Andy S ?- Makes as much as if nomore sense. My presence to you is obviously a challenge as it disrupts your 'GOD'status. Iwill just go away..... unfortunate for others... those REAL people who are in serius do do well done... (p.s. I managedto resist till the end to state the obvious............................... DX you need to get a real life.... one away from topics you haveabsolutely ZERO knowledge of)
  3. ( the result expected by the way as sadly i didnt get to intervene was that they LOST.... ) well done
  4. NO you do not as has been evidenced by recent actions. They will call a hearing on the jurisdiction ONLY if people follow your argument. The N244 sits outside of the jurisdiction hearing.... THAT is why it is not enough to just tick a box and not prepare. Your advice on Jurisdiction was specific and, as a result, got the result expected! You ASSUME and you INTERPRET the lax from a sedentary position. Indeed heckling rather than bringing FACT
  5. all i am doing is joining others here and offering support, thats the point. Good job given recent events. but hey ok. no PM
  6. Yet you choose to try and have a little dig re N244.(for the record I knew and know exactly what it is used for, how, when and why it should be used. No point in arguing with you though) Its not for me to forgive... its good enough for me that you have acknowledged you were wrong. It does highlight the significant issue that people should not make statements without the facts to back them up.... otherwise people get dropped in the sh one t. I will mail you for your thoughts on the section i see in your thesis that COULD be very handy. I WONT post it here until fact.
  7. How so? What error? You cannot seriously be suggesting that it was a slip of the keyboard and that you didnt intend to make a statement or post a link that was, generally, of no use? I think what you are trying to say is that you googled some stuff that met with your own assumptions then posted it? And now when challenged realise? ass u me being a word that you use often. EVERYONE here is trying to help each other. I am not being vindictive. But please understand we are dealing with a very specific and challenging area of Law. People are desperate to find sollutions. Garden Paths are not solutions. HOWEVER In the 'thesis' (which is all that it is) there is a passage that COULD be extremely valuable. I will check out the case law and references, particularly the dates, then state them when I think that they may assist people. Thanks
  8. Andy... a question if I may for clarificatin. You state that forum non conveniens overrides The Rome Convention The Rome convention deals with choice of Law (the sections you signpost too deal with the matter of applied law which in these cases may not be able to argue as the contracts state they are UAE law) Forum non conveniens deals with cases where there is a stated EXCLUSIVE Jurisdiction? As I understand jurisdiction has now been ruled (rightly or wrongly) So a simple explanation of your statement would be helpful.
  9. WRONG It is NOT simply to get the hearing.... you fail to see the opportunity
  10. You ENTIRELY miss the point. 10. What information will you be relying on, in support of your application? the attached witness statement the statement of case the evidence set out in the box below Just ticking the box is NOT what is going to help people.
  11. The directions require a defence and evidence I do not know the defence of a specific case here are a few starters however: The terms and conditions are flimsy and open to interpretation. They are not signed or dated by the customer. This goes against standard Contractual UAE process. The Debt has been written off The statements are clear to the above There is no 'expert evidence' before the court today to support jurisdiction argument, let alone the credibility of the contract IF this matter to be heard under UAE Law in this Jurisdiction then UAE Law must apply. Judgements deal with a final figure.... the Bank continue to add charges and interest. The right place for this to be heard is in the UAE? Why is it that it is not (and a shed load of reasons why it is not) I could go on.
  12. I would bring the kitchen sink... as CWD do (with bullet points)
  13. your advice was: 10. the Court has no jurisdiction to hear the case. The terms state it is dealt with in accordance with UAE law. A UK Court does not have jurisdiction to hear UAE law cases. There is no Foreign Judgement and therefore no action on the judgement. It should have included much more and evidence. I am not arguing with you but learning..... you cannot just sayout of jurisdiction without providing evidence as to why .. inyour submission and then you can go on to question the rest Makes no sense.... if you have no evidence you have no argument.
  14. Section 10 is quite clear what you can include and should
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