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  1. He already has the new company set up and I shall definitely be leaving some tasty reviews to warn other people. Thanks to everyone here who helped me.
  2. So I have an update and sadly it seems he’s got away with it which is not unexpected but disappointing that someone can do that so easily. That seems to be that, I don’t think I can really take it any further?
  3. Small update, defendant has actually wrote on the judgement letter ‘THIS COMPANY IS NOT IN BUSINESS’ which has returned the letter to the sender which in turn has been sent to me. Ive informed the enforcement officers who have basically said ignore it as he’ll have to prove this when we attend his address. He’s obviously in a rush to shut this company down and trade under a new name which isn’t good news for myself.
  4. Hi, I have today been notified that the high court writ is received so to expect 13 more days before they can actually attend his location. I can see @BankFodder has tagged you in a post above, are you able to advise on how I go about ownership of the car in this situation, when do I actually not own the car anymore which would enable me to then cancel insurance, tax etc on it?
  5. Yeh understood, just have to suck it up for now. At what point is that car not mine is my question I guess? Even if he paid, I still have the logbook in my name at that point.
  6. Also the other thing whilst all this is going on I am still paying out tax and insurance on the car, when could I possibly end this?
  7. Very good point which I thought about a couple days back actually, I didn’t know if I had a choice in the matter of how I receive payment but if I do then yes cash would be the obvious answer. Ive kind of told myself that he’s going to wriggle out of this so receiving any money from him doesn’t really come into my thinking at the moment.
  8. Jesus I would never have thought that. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. You’re absolutely correct, I think I dived in a bit too soon with regards collection instead of seeking advice here. I’ve gone on their t&c’s and it says £75 per address if they are unsuccessful.
  10. Possibly, I’ve taken every bit of advice given off here though, it’s been a great help. You do have to remember that most people including myself come here because we lack the knowledge. I’m open for criticism when deserved no matter how harsh I believe it is though. I actually think the whole process has been fine if not a bit drawn out because of my lack of knowledge.
  11. I looked online as to what to do after receiving the court order, I thought that I was going in the correct direction with regards enforcement officers. Ive written off my losses already for the vehicle, I’ll be surprised if I get anything out of him but I’m going to check the no collection no fee basis as that is excellent advice.
  12. Oh seems I have made a mistake there then. Yes it’s for around £2200 in total now and I did instruct the bailiffs as I was advised to, in hindsight perhaps I should of came here first. Just checking and on my email it does say high court enforcement who are now getting a sealed high court writ, maybe I am using the incorrect terminology?
  13. Small update, I’ve been on holidays the last 14 days and in that time the paperwork came from the courts ordering him to pay. I know he’s going to outright ignore it so I have instructed the bailiffs to act today. They will contact me when they have received the writ from the high court. I still feel this guy will dodge this bullet somehow but I’m hoping the bailiffs give him a fright when they turn up.
  14. An update, So his time is up and I had no response (shock), I’ve now pursued the CCJ and I will be informed within 14 days as to whether it will be granted or not. Bit disappointed he’s got all this time seemingly trying to avoid paying by trading under a different name. That new name is still not registered with companies house but the name he sold the car to me under is still registered and trading so there is hope.
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