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  1. Ill use you’re template for the particulars, with regards to the timeline of events I’m guessing the more info the better is it? i was just going to populate it from when I purchased the car right through with all our communications, to the point where we are at now?
  2. This is the company, also receipt is under same name. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10474386 With regards to particulars of claim, if you scroll a few posts up you gave me some advice on that and I made the edits and reposted it for you. I think we were both happy with that 2 weeks ago and nothings changed with the situation since?
  3. His 14 days was up today, no reply again. I shall be processing the small claims court document tomorrow. I think we’ve covered everything up until this point anyway so it’s just a case of filling it out and submitting it right?
  4. New letter has been received by the garage today, so do I give him 14 days from when I sent the letter or 14 days from when he received it? I’m guessing it’s the latter but wasn’t too sure.
  5. Yeh that was my thinking. No it renewed beginning of this month so paying it month by month until I get a resolution now.
  6. Ok great I will carry out those edits. The only reason I included the insurance as I’ve been paying for it just in case anything happens to the car in his care, do you think I should cancel it or just incur the cost for the time being? I’ve had to start a new policy for my new car with 0 claims discount as opposed to 9 years so it’s costing me with both policies.
  7. Here it is, copy and pasted yours and added what needed to be. Deleted all the old one. Also removed reg. Does this look ok?
  8. That’s great, thanks very much and no need to apologise I appreciate your help. I shall get to this and send another letter today giving him his 14 days notice. I shall rewrite my claim as suggested and save for 2 weeks time. If I have any update in the meantime, I will post it here.
  9. Here is the letter I sent him, I’ve tried to blank out my address and vehicle reg only. F1195F74-BEEE-43AC-91FD-6658C1CC6F80.pdf
  10. This this is my brief explanation of the claim I’m submitting online before I do the timeline of events. Hope you can access, limited to using my phone/iPad at the moment. I purchased a Volkswagen Golf from ecarsuk at the end of November….pdf
  11. Thanks for the reply although it seems slightly harsh. I have not been here since 2013, it seems you may have me confused with mch1991 who’s been replying to my posts giving helpful advice. I only joined last night and yes I am a novice with regards to consumer advice you are not wrong there, it’s not a situation I have found myself in before. I’ve taken all steps with the advice of citizens advice and that’s exactly the process they told to me take, that’s my reasonings however wrong that maybe. They also advised I leave it as long reasonably possible for him to fix the vehicle, I asked what’s a reasonable amount of time and was given 28 days is the average but a reasonable amount of time differs between each case. I thought taking that advice and giving him 28 days to fix the car I was giving myself a better case by allowing him plenty of time to come to a resolution. Then speaking to citizens advice they told me if that time passes with no reply then the next step is to send a letter before court action which is now where I am at. Leading on from that I was told only asking for a refund may limit my case which led me to offer him every option which they told me which was a full refund, a repair, a negotiated refund, a car of similar value or a take the car back at reduced cost. He still refused. With regards to him seeing me as an easy target, that’s possible but I really don’t believe that to be the case. His messages at the end started getting personal before he shut down contact which I thought was a rather naive way to deal with things on his end knowing this could go to court. He doesn’t believe I will carry this out but I fully intend on doing so. I shall post the letter shortly and hopefully you can give me some solid advice on where to go next, if it means me posting another letter to get it right then that’s absolutely fine. Thanks for the advice though, it’s much appreciated.
  12. I've sent the letter before claim 28 days ago, in there I stated all the facts like you said, I stated how we'd got to this point with me offering multiple solutions and him not carrying out any and I also stated I would still be willing to come to settle on the solutions I stated. That was 28 days ago and now I'm ready to proceed with the claim. I did not state my right to a refund I chose to be more flexible as I thought the judge may see I've tried absolutely everything with this garage and received nothing. Thanks for the advice on what to claim on, very helpful.
  13. Thanks for the reply. It's currently in his possession outside his garage so as far as I'm concerned he is accepting responsibility for the vehicle, would this be correct? It's down with him since I had it transported in order for him to fix it but then things went downhill when he found out the cam belt had snapped. I have the company I used to transport the car as a witness for this. As far as waiting to get the claim right, I completely agree with you and as you said I've waited long enough it wouldn't hurt to leave it a couple of days for sure. With regards the claim, I'm currently at the last stage where I have to post a timeline of all the events, is this the part you want me to post when completed? Can I edit it once I have completed it? Losses I've incurred are the vehicle £2000, transport of vehicle £70, tax and insurance the last 2 months whilst I've been unable to use the vehicle, fuel taking the car to the garage? Are they all reasonable? Plus I've since financed a new car which I wouldn't of had to if he carried out the repair or refunded me and I've also had to rearrange personal doctor appointments, arrange help to pickup children from school and childcare for my youngest but I don't know how to put a value on these things? I've offered him multiple chances to fix it, refund, negotiated refund, replace vehicle and I've clearly stated I would accept any of these, I've got it all in text as well. I've also given him the 28 days in writing since he shut communication down and I've received no reply. At this point I have now got a new vehicle so a refund would be the most appropriate outcome for me but I'd take what I can to be honest even if it means getting my repaired vehicle and selling it on which would be a pain. I have not stated in my claim to reject the vehicle, is this something I have to put in there? I thought if I won the case the judge would tell me what I'm entitled to? Sorry missed the last part. Garage is ecarsuk ltd.
  14. Hi, Ive read a few of the posts on the forum before registering and after seeing the sound advice given out I was hoping I could just pinch some knowledge off whoever maybe helpful enough to assist my situation. So I’m submitting my small claims court document online tomorrow, it’s all filled out ready to go but I wanted some advice on what I can claim for and to what amounts. I’ll try to keep this brief. I purchased a car in October for £2000. The car had high mileage at 130k but seemed a good vehicle for me to get to work and back. It had a full service history, lots of receipts and drove fine so was happy to transfer the cash. The very following day on way to work it went into limp mode but on restart it would come out of it, I contacted the dealer who said I could bring it in and he would sort it. I took the car to him and the faults were cleared from the diagnostics and he said hopefully that will be the end of that and sent me on my way (I know, he fobbed me off). A full month later, whilst driving, the car made an almighty sound and grounded to a halt. Again the garage said to send it down and he would sort it. I got it sent to him and had very poor contact from him for the next week. When he eventually told me the issue that the cambelt had snapped, his previous helpful self went as well. Cue a month of going back and forth, him wanting me to pay money towards the fix and me taking advice from citizens advice giving him all the options I was entitled to. He refused all options and when I told him I was seeking legal advice, he totally shut down and asked for it all in writing to which I duly obliged. So tomorrow is 28 days since I sent my letter to him advising him that I was taking him to small claims and I haven’t received anything at all from him. He has my car, my money and I’ve offered him every option but he’s completely refused. My question is, I have put in the price of the car at £2000 and the towing price at £70 but in the meantime he created hell for me without my vehicle, should I be claiming for more? The main thing is I’ve had to go and finance another vehicle, I’ve had to keep paying the tax and insurance as the car is parked outside his garage. Also the amount of personal things like hospital appointments, school runs etc I had to re arrange in that time was a right pain in the backside. I don’t want to put too much in, in all honesty if I got my money back I’d be over the moon but I feel like I should be entitled to more after how he’s handled this and what I’ve had to deal with. Sorry for such a long message and thanks in advance to anyone who chooses to help.
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