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  1. Hi how did you get on with your ppi claim against black horse I’m in a similar position to you had 4 loans in the 90s with charted trust now black horse paid ppi on them all just had a letter saying there extending the 8 week deadline by another 8 weeks 

    1. Tonychief


      Eventually was paid on 2 of the loans 5 weeks ago. Took ages on each, also extended twice,  had to go back to them on each occasion for a review of their calculations. It’s a delay tactic. Be prepared to scrutinise, they always underpay considerably first time around. My best advise is to be patient but insist they move on with it on the odd occasion.  Disagree with the first calculation, it’s always wrong, They will drag it out but you will get paid. The first loan they offered was for just over £5000, asked for a review and they reoffered £14,676.84. Second they offered £2218.76, after review they paid me £5,678.47. Hope I’ve been helpful. 



    2. Pants72


      Did you have ppi on all five loans then or just the two 

      I’ve just asked for all my statements and paperwork I will try work out how much I paid I’m prepared for a long wait now 

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