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  1. Oh well thanks anyway, Will just ignore them then if nothing I can do.
  2. Think it may have been June 16 ish I think. And its on Noodle too.
  3. Well, they basically didn't give me a choice. It all happened within a month and I hadn't come across this forum until recently, Wish I had.
  4. I didn't have a lot of choice, to be honest. Couldn't do a VT as I was barely a year into a 4-year agreement. So do I just let this thing sit there and not worry about them selling said debt on or do I engage with them to pay some of it back??
  5. Hi, I had a van through Moneybarn which they repossessed in Aug 16 and sold it at a loss and now are wanting £6403 out of me. What options have I got to get them to play ball nicely? I know they had what I borrowed back plus about 2.5k in payments etc in my mind they had the initial loan back. There is a big fat default on my credit file that I would like sorted as trying to get car finance is an issue currently. thanks
  6. Hi, Newbie here, I have an account with Lowell which I have been paying and the account has been placed on my credit file with me making regular payments to it. It's a J D Williams account that Lowell had bought. My issue is whilst they are recording the fact the balance is going down each month the payment history is showing 6 payments late all the time. Should it actually be on my credit file at all and if it is then how do I get them to show that I am paying said debt off and get them to amend the payment history. Thanks for any wisdom.
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