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  1. Background after an accident I contacted a no win no fee soliciter. They arranged for a car. I thought this a free car. As I was told by the solicitor that I would not have to pay a penny before signing the contract with the credit car hire company. A representive of the hire car who delivered the car, where I signed the contact. He confirmed the same. I will not have to pay a penny. 2 weeks later, I get a a letter about hire charges. I know realize it's not a free car but a hire car. I call the solitctor and he says it's just a generic letter, you will not have to pay anything Recent 3 years later, the soliciters are having trouble claiming the hire aspect. they said the invoice of 15k is in your name. This is the first time I have heard such a thing about an invoice. i told her how I was told I would not have to pay. All they could say "the solicitor shouldn't have said that" The third party asled asked for some documents from me, such as proof of my new car, the cheque they gave me going into my account. It's been 9 weeks and nothing from them. i called for help after speaking to some legal advisors. They suggest there are grounds for professional neglignace and frudant misrepresentation. However they said they can't do much as the invoice hasn't been sent to me, and no demands for money have been made. what should I do see what happens in the case? The third party have not refused to pay as of yet. Or or should I call the solicitors and tell them that I recind the contract. I do not accept I am liable at all, due to the false information. Put them on the back foot, because they have taken advantage of me
  2. I really do agree, but Im just afraid that I will have to pay for the hire car. My use of hire car is justified, and they are trying to find a way to get out of it
  3. That is what I think but thinking more. -they may want to know if I had another car while I had the hire car. Hence there questions 1 and 2 - they are disputing the length, hence why they asked for question 3 and why I couldn't borrow money earlier. 2.
  4. Please can you guys advise me what I can do. The Third party insurance making it very difficult and seem like they are looking for ways not to pay. If this is the case I will be liable for the costs, which would set me back in life. Background 1.I had a collision, and claimed for the damage to my car personal injury. (it was non-fault but the Third party claimed 50/50). The case went one. 2. Third Party gave me a cheque for half on non-prejudice basis. The day they sent this, My solicitor took the hire car back from me. 3. Cheques take some time to clear, However I saw a car I liked. I asked for a loan from my cousin, on the basis that I pay him back when the cheque clears. (he previously said no, as I had nothing to pay him back. A few months down the line my solicitor called me. They cant get a better offer than 50/50. Its his word against mine. I asked what will happen to the hire car fees. They said you will get half. The other half will be written off by the hire company. I agreed. I thought everything was done,. but 7 weeks later... Issues 1. Third party wants proof I brought a car (I give them insurance documents) 2. Third party checks my bank statements. They ask were is the transaction for the car. (The car was brought cash in hand, I gave them proof of the bank transactions of my cousin loaning me money, plus screen shots from his bank. And screen shot that he paid my insurance money. 3. Third party gets in touch again. Where is the cheque we gave you and why did you not borrow money earlier. (I sent a screen shot of the cheque in my bank and said no one wanted to give me a loan) but once the cheque was posted I had people willing to loan me money as I had means to pay them back. not heard anything back yet. Questions Why are they making it so hard? I just want this to over. My life has been put on hold. Because I am afraid of what may happen if they refuse to pay. I seen many posters around about the same situations, but never the final result. I just don't want to keep prolonging this. I have provided enough evidence to show the need for a hire car, plus they have my bank statements they know my financial situation. what more do you think they can ask?
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