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  1. I haven’t been here for while. During summer holiday we got reply from Lowell: “Oakam Ltd have been unable to supply all the documentation required to fulfill your request under section 77/78 of the consumer credi act 1974. We have been unable to provide the requested documents we have been decided to not pursue the outstanding money at this time. However if Oakam Ltd provide the requested documentation in the future, we may contact you again to request payment “.
  2. of course we won't pay. What will happen if they will send us exactly this same information what Oakam send us on CD? Loan was approved online. Just wondering if screenshoot will be counted as CCA?
  3. on statement shows that last payment of 5.00 was made on 31/05/2013. Why on credit report it shows end date 28/09/2013? but when we were running credit report it showed that : He has two loans under settled accounts: Lowell Portfolio (balance on 07/02/18) Start date: 27/12/2012 Default balance: £5311 Last delinquent date:Sept 2013 End date: 28/09/2013 Start balance: 0 If you go to account history: Date: January 2018 Status: default Balance: £10,785 Second loan - Oakam Ltd Balance on 15/09/2017 - £0
  4. original loan was taken earlier but on 27/12/2012 he took top up which total was 5,000. don't understand why Oakam added another contractual interest for 29/04/2015-11/03/2019 if they sold debt on 15/09/2017?? image5.pdf we have received letter from Lowell telling us that they requested information from Oakam and we might have to wait for 40 days for they reply.
  5. I am not sure if you can see picture so that is Oakam reply: Please find enclosed with this letter a CD with all the available information you have requested from Oakam. Call recording are normally held for duration of 2 years, so these are provided where possible. Please be aware that Oakam's customers do not fill out application forms directly. They undergo an interview process and the information they provide is filled in by the customer service representative that is conducting the application. In this instance the applications have been provided as screenshots.
  6. we have another letter from Oakam with CD. image4.pdf
  7. SO what to do now? In regards of CCA, Lowell will ask request documents from Oakam. Thats mean they don't have it. When we called Oakam before they informed us that they don't have any papers which relates to my partner debt because they sent everything to Lowell. Confusing
  8. from debt collector advice website, not sure which one. Is that something wrong?
  9. Lowell replied: We have requested the required documentation from the original client Oakam ltd. with regards to your request for a copy of the deed of Assignment, please be aware that we are not obliged to provide this document to you. Due to the nature of our business, accounts are purchased in bulk and as such this document would contain sensitive information relating to other customers accounts.
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