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  1. Received another letter this morning from ruthbridge. Offering me 70% off for a final settlement. If they don't receive any response they may be forced to pass the account back to Cabot. I'm thinking they must realise this debt is either unenforceable or they doubt they would be able to collect on this account? Thoughts anyone?
  2. Thanks Will. That makes it much clearer. I had a strong suspicion this was the case anyway. I just needed confirmation. Can I ask if you know how the limitation clock is affected by claiming ppi. Does it only restart the clock on a successful claim where the redress goes straight to the dca or original creditor? Or is it even if you get paid out and receive the money in your name. I presume a ppi claim that gets knocked back does not reset the clock? Others have already said it doesn't but I'd like your veiw if possible Will. Thanks.
  3. This is why I'm erring on the side of caution. It seems like I'm getting conflicting advice. I will wait until after the 6 years are up from the iva fail date, (which is only in May.)before thinking about sending an sb letter. I will CCA them nearer the time if getting bombarded with threats. Thanks, Will.
  4. Thanks for that. I really appreciate everyone's feedback and advice. But I've read other people's comments who claim that it's actually from the date the iva failed. They also sound very confident and convincing.. They are claiming this on the basis that the creditors would have to be informed that the iva failed.... For the sake of a couple of months I don't think it's worth sending an sb letter just yet. I think I'm going to try to ignore them as long as possible and then try various delay tactics if needed. i.e. CCA them. Unless there's anything else you guys suggest otherwise? Thanks again guys.
  5. You mean every other case has been marked from the last payment? Not written acknowledgement? Does anyone know if trying to claim ppi and getting knocked back effects the statute of limitations? I tried with northern Rock last year through a third party but they got nowhere.
  6. Yes I've moved house but I was living with my brother so I can easily pick up any mail from there. It was an unsecured loan. Your now telling me the sb date runs from the last payment? Not when the iva officially failed?? Everyone else in a similar situation has said the clock starts again from when the iva failed. Hope you're right guys. Can anyone confirm this 100%??? I've moved house but never paid anything on this debt since the iva failed in spring 2013. I thought that when an iva fails the insolvency practiononer had to inform my creditors therefore acknowledging the debt on my behalf? So logic would suggest that the clock started again when that contact was made??
  7. Hi Newbie here and I am hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. I've been lurking on here for a few days trying to find out various tips and information regarding my problem. I got into trouble after loosing my job in 2009. I had a lot of debt and couldn't make payments anymore. Entered into an iva in late 2010, made about 5 payments and then lost my new job and had to cancel the iva. I just cancelled my direct debit to the iva and never got in contact with them again. They eventually officially cancelled my iva in spring 2013 and started to get letters from various dcas regarding my individual debts that were in my iva. I paid a couple of credit cards off via dcas with a reduced f and f and got that in writing. But there is one particular debt that hasnt raised its head much. It was for a loan originally with Northern rock which I'm pretty sure was taken out pre 2007. Now I heard nothing about this until about spring 2017. I received a letter from a dca (can't remember who) so I stupidly phoned them up. I said I don't recall this debt so I need some sort of proof of claim. They then left me alone until Cabot sent me a letter in summer 2017. Letter and phone calls ignored, it then went quiet until last weekend when it's being passed to ruthbridge. I presume, because I've not made a payment since originally defaulting, the statute barred clock would start from when my IVA officially finished?? I've only 2 or 3 months to go before it's 6 years from that date so do I just ignore for now? Thanks in advance guys.
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