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  1. Thanks for help. The ICO are practically useless, sorry for opinion. They will not help me get the info I want in a quick time, whereas a court would? Sure, I will report the latest data breach to ICO. The last time I reported data breach to them from DWP I think they took about 3 months to respond to it. Why DWP sees fit to send me about 3,000 pages of unwanted information including further data breach is just baffling. All I want is a copy of the report made by Dr [removed] who conducted investigation into my complaint of both work capability assessments oral recordings where me
  2. It is saddening you have to deal with their incompetence. Just wanted to suggest you contact them via email rather than phone as then you have a perma record of everything. If ATOS are the same people who conduct work capability assessments, then from my experience they will be very economical with truths.
  3. From my own experiences, DWP will not care about your nephew being put into a worse position. They required me to go to job centres after i failed their work capability assessments, they were told I could not do this, they even had video evidence from one job centre showing the difficulties i endured when attempting to. Yet they ignore. They ignore despite complaints, ignore equality act, they also ignore rulings from other peoples tribunals, = basically, they will ignore whatever complaint you have and just try to wriggle their way out of it. If you can persuade your nephew to acce
  4. Recently, DWP paid me 7,000.00 backdated payments for sickness / ESA claims as a result of numerous complaints made about 3 work capability assessments, each of which having a medical report made by a nurse which omitted information. 2 of the work capability assessments were recorded. The oral recordings of the assessment differed from the medical notes made by the nurse, this has been shown on 2 occasions when comparing the oral recording with that of the medical report. Pointing this out to DWP - I was ignored for several years, complaints being answered but nothing being done i
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