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  1. Thank you very much for your reply! I will give them a call tomorrow and gather that information. I gather that there is nothing I will be able to do then to remedy this situation? I am able to pay the full amount. Has anyone been able to agree with the creditor that if they pay the amount in full, they will agree to having it set aside? I'm sorry if I sound naive, I'm just devastated honestly. I feel like this is really seriously going to impact my career opportunities, and while I 100% admit my fault in this, I want to try everything I can to minimise the impact th
  2. Hello all, firstly, I want to thank anyone for their time and advice in helping me with this matter, it is truly appreciated. In 2013 I took out a mobile phone contract while at university. Due to a number of factors, I withdrew from my studies for two years, and moved from the UK. I had severe financial issues and neglected to make my phone payments during this time. I subsequently returned to university in the UK, and very regrettably, didn't think about the phone contract again. During the time I moved addresses numerous times. To make a long story short, a CCJ was i
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